Shoulder braces & supports

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Shoulder joint - articulatio humeri, is a spheroidal joint and compared to other joints, possesses the human body‘s widest motion range. It consists of shoulder blade (scapula) and collarbone(clavicula) and the joint head of the upper arm bone (caput humeri).The great flexibility of the shoulder joint is facilitated by the uneven relation of the joint head and the joint socket.Thus, the joint head is considerably bigger than the joint socket, the latter is additionally enlargened by a cartilaginous joint lip (labrum glenoidale). The shoulder joint is surrounded by a joint capusle, which continuously emits new joint liquid (synovia) to the inside to provide the sliding process of the cartilaginous joint ends.Rotator cuff - secures, centers and protects the shoulder joint from loads and is supposed to prevent spontaneous luxating.An outer muscle layer, especially of the delta muscle (musculus deltoideus) serves as most important abductor and is among others, responsible for the outer rotation of the shoulder joint.

Shoulder Injuries:

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