Elbow & Arm Injury Braces & Support.
Arm - the free upper extremity is divided into upper arm (brachium), forearm (antebrachium) and hand(manus). The arm is the human body part with the greatest mobility of all, which is based on the construction of the shoulder joint.
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What is tennis elbow ?
The epicondylitis, commonly named “tennis elbow”, is an insertional disease (enthesitis). It is caused by repetitive wrist extension and forearm supination,causing fibrillar fractures and tendon degenerative processes at the level of insertion into the epicondyle region, especially in the short radial extensor tendon of the wrist. When this same mechanical injury occurs in the medial epicondyle, it is named epitrocleitis or “golf elbow”.
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What is slipped disc ?
The discal hernia occurs when the intervertebral disc or nucleus pulposus realizes a displacement, which can make pressure on the nerve root and produce neurologic injuries.
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