How to treated ACL knee injury ?
The cruciate ligaments match to injury with a doubtful regeneration. As its function is the knee antero-posterior stabilization, it has to be established which stability has the knee, without which the joint structures deteriorate progressively.
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How to treat foot drop syndrome ?
The drop foot is characterized by a deformity in which remains permanently in plantar flexion position, with limitation or functional inability to perform dorsal flexion...more
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What it is ankle sprain ? Symptoms and orthotic treatment.
An ankle sprain is the result of medial or lateral joint displacement. This displacement usually occurs laterally due to an inversion and eversion movement, it can produce the lesion of one of more ligaments...more
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What it is Cervical discal hernia ?
This is a protusion of the intervertebral disc which irritates the nerve roots.Certain neck positions can increase the neck pain, back or upper limbs...more
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Osteoporosis - symptoms and orthosis treatment
Osteopororsis - A condition of the bone in wich a decrease of bone density occurs, making the concerned individual prone to fractures .Typically occurs in older women...more
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Neck sprain & pain - symptoms and orthotic treatment.
Neck trauma due to sudden hyperextension or hyperflexion movement,causing neck ligamentous injuries. Neck pain may radiate to the head or upper limbs. more...
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Dorsalgia back pain - symptoms & braces therapy
Any type of pain in the dorsal or thoracic area of the spine is named dorsalgia(back pain), including those affecting the joints with the ribs or chest area,since they are closely linked to each other.Read more...
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Low back pain - symptoms & orthotic treatment

Lumbalgia (low back pain) commonly named lumbago, refers to pain in the lumbar area normally produced by a musculoskeletal syndrome, where disorders are appreciated in vertebrae, muscles, ligaments and nervous system. Read more...

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