Baby hip dysplasia - how to treat it ?
We are more and more sick nowadays. This is due to a lot of pollution in the contemporary environment, poor lifestyle and poor food quality. The health status of parents can have a significant impact on the health of their child. Unfortunately, often neglect during pregnancy results in abnormalities in the early life of the child. One of such disorder is dysplasia.
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Umbilical hernia support belt .
People are very sick nowadays. Unfortunately, even in young age people are sick more often than in the past. That is why prevention is so important to stop many diseases. But sometimes it is very difficult to prevent illness. That is why it is so important to cure any inconveniences properly. One of the most common diseases in recent times is hernia. So how can it be properly cure?
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Inguinal hernia belt - when we need it?
Abdomen is very delicate area of body. Inside it there are multiple vital organs as stomach, bowels, kidneys and few more. Sometimes proper function of abdomen is disturbed by internal or external injuries. Hernia is one of them. Abdominal hernia is common in twenty-first century. How we can help ourselves?
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Achilles tendon support brace.
Nowadays sport is practiced by many people. This is very popular because everyone wants to look fit. Unfortunately, very often during training we can have an injury. So how can you quickly be fit again and practice?
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Carpal tunnel wrist brace - wear support you need.
Carpal tunnel syndrome is one of the most annoying wrist injuries that we can experience. Pains created by this trauma can affect even simplest of our day to day activities and it can take away our much-needed quality of sleep at night. But we can help ourselves when faced with this injury. There are support tools that we can use to our advantage.
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Tennis elbow - symptoms, support, treatment
Some studies show that even three percent of population between ages of thirty and fifty is affected by so called tennis elbow symptom. Even though its called tennis elbow injury it can affect any other sport enthusiasts (not just tennis) or group of professionals. How this problem starts and how we can protect our arms? There are ready solutions.
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Back pain and bad posture problems - help in time of healing.
Pain is warning signal from our body (to our consciousness) that something went wrong in it. Pain problem in our back is often such a discomfort that we can't function normally during the day. At night, it can stop with ease any of our efforts to sleep comfortably or to sleep at all. What can we do with it?
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Back braces and Spine support.
Next to respiratory diseases, back pain is the second most common reason for medical consultations.
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Hip brace and abduction orthosis - What is it ?
Articulatio coxae is a spheroidal joint and can be moved three-dimensionally. The upper thigh bone - femur and the pelvis herein consitute the bony joint-duo.The hip joint‘s three main directions of motion are: Flexing - extending , abduction – adduction and rotating outside - inside.
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