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Laryngoscopes - an overview and guide

Laryngoscopes are every specialist’s go-to instrument during laryngoscopies - however, how do you choose the right model for your practice? Continue reading to learn exactly what to look for before making your purchase.

Laryngoscopes - what are they for?

The use of laryngoscopes is primarily intended to be used for laryngoscopy, as well as for patients in severe condition, who are unable to breathe due to injuries or other factors. This device is sometimes used for people who have anaphylactic shock and during surgery and examinations, during which muscle relaxants cannot be used.

How does a laryngoscope work?

A fiber optic laryngoscope is a device composed of a handle, battery and blade with fiber optics. Different types of laryngoscope blades are available, both disposable and reusable, which are made of stainless steel. These blades serve to open the patient's trachea during certain procedures like laryngoscopy.

The laryngoscope is used in a number of situations. During emergency cases such as accidents, this tool allows the patient to be intubated. It helps to open the trachea, which greatly facilitates bringing in the endotracheal tube. Some laryngoscopes are even suitable for so-called difficult intubation, and can be used to diagnose the condition of the larynx in patients.

How to choose the right laryngoscope?

All laryngoscopes are available in convenient cases for easy transportation and storage - which is especially helpful while traveling. The device and blades are made of high quality stainless steel, which is easy to clean and disinfect - thus reducing the risk of transferring germs and other pathogens.

When choosing the right product for you, make sure to choose one that is best-suited for your types of patients. The Riester diagnostic kit for children stands out from other small models, due to the laryngoscope’s overall smaller size, as well as it’s blades’ . You have the option to choose both the Riester ri-integral laryngoscope with battery and charger, as well as a simpler set, which contains only blades.

Each laryngoscope available in our store is a certified medical product - making it safe to use for people who are trained and experienced in using it. In addition to the laryngoscope, you can also attach disposable blades, perfect for cases when disinfection is not possible. A standard Macintosh laryngoscope is a recommended choice, as well as other models, for example the Miller laryngoscope.