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What is Metatarsalgia ?
Metatarsalgia is a painful condition affecting the metatarsus, which consists of the metatarsal bones of the foot and can be exposed to overloading and high mechanical stresses, especially during sporting and some work activities. more
What is hallux valgus ?
A bunion is a deformity of the joint connecting the big toe to the foot and is known as a hallux abducto valgus among medical professionals. It is characterized by medial deviation of the first metatarsal bone and lateral deviation of the big toe. More
What is neck degenerative diseases ?
Degenerative disease of the joints, due to cartilage injury which ends with an impact on the rest of joint structures. Disease which increases with age.It is characterized by an evolution with pain on the affected areas. more
What is knee orthosis ?
...The knee joint has a very big motion range it can be overextended by approximately 10° and during flexion,it reaches an angle of approximately 150°. In flexion, the joint is also able to perform rotary movements, during which the rotation to the outside of 40° is considerably bigger than the rotation to the inside of 10°.
What is post-op knee brace ?
Since the different surgical techniques used in the repair of ligament injuries, meniscus, femoropatellar, arthroscopies or post-surgical complications such as neurological lesions, infections or the total replacement of the knee joint by a prosthesis due to diseases or traumas.More
What is patella dislocation ?
The patella is located in the front of the knee joint, in the groove formed by the femur and tibia bones, and is able to slide along the length of this groove. As a result of trauma, lateral impacts or sliding outside the groove during an abnormal movement or sudden twist or turn, the patella can become partially displaced, resulting in subluxation, or fully displaced, causing dislocation...More
What is Chondromalacia patellae ?
Patella chondromalacia is produced by the degeneration of the cartilage which constitutes the rear capsula of the patella, being very common in young and sport people, especially those performing mechanical large efforts to the knee, such as cycling, rugby, football,running etc. Read more.
Collateral ligament knee injury braces
The collateral ligaments - the lateral collateral ligament (LCL) and the medial collateral ligament (MCL) - provide the knee with varus/valgus stability. Injury of these ligaments usually occurs when the body rotates while the foot is fixed to the ground. More...
Elbow fracture - symptoms - orthotic supports
The elbow fractures can be produced either in one of its three elements, the lower end of the humerus, the olecranon and on radial head, this may be total or partial, in some cases accompanied by vascular or nerve type injuries, with presence of anterior lineal ecchymosis and increased elbow volume and complete functional impotence. It is therefore, fractures which can have serious complications, irreducibility, instability, open fractures, etc. More
Elbow & Arm injury supports
Arm - the free upper extremity is divided into upper arm (brachium), forearm (antebrachium) and hand(manus). The arm is the human body part with the greatest mobility of all, which is based on the construction of the shoulder joint.

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