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Collateral ligament knee injury braces
The collateral ligaments - the lateral collateral ligament (LCL) and the medial collateral ligament (MCL) - provide the knee with varus/valgus stability. Injury of these ligaments usually occurs when the body rotates while the foot is fixed to the ground. More...
Elbow fracture - symptoms - orthotic supports
The elbow fractures can be produced either in one of its three elements, the lower end of the humerus, the olecranon and on radial head, this may be total or partial, in some cases accompanied by vascular or nerve type injuries, with presence of anterior lineal ecchymosis and increased elbow volume and complete functional impotence. It is therefore, fractures which can have serious complications, irreducibility, instability, open fractures, etc. More
Elbow & Arm injury supports
Arm - the free upper extremity is divided into upper arm (brachium), forearm (antebrachium) and hand(manus). The arm is the human body part with the greatest mobility of all, which is based on the construction of the shoulder joint.
What is tennis elbow ?
The epicondylitis, commonly named “tennis elbow”, is an insertional disease (enthesitis). It is caused by repetitive wrist extension and forearm supination,causing fibrillar fractures and tendon degenerative processes at the level of insertion into the epicondyle region, especially in the short radial extensor tendon of the wrist. When this same mechanical injury occurs in the medial epicondyle, it is named epitrocleitis or “golf elbow”.
What is slipped disc ?
The discal hernia occurs when the intervertebral disc or nucleus pulposus realizes a displacement, which can make pressure on the nerve root and produce neurologic injuries.
What is Scoliosis ?
Scoliosis is a highly-complex spinal deformity characterised by two clear aspects: lateral curvature and vertebral rotation.
Ankle fracture.
The ankle joint of trochlea type is formed by the distal ends of the tibia, perone and astragalus body, performing basically two movements, the plantar flexion and the dorsal flexion of the foot, any lateral displacement can produce a subluxation.
Achilles tendon injury .
Achilles tendon injury - Achilles tendon or calcaneus tendon is the most powerful of the human body. It is inserted into the rear part of the calcaneus, being the tendon of the ural triceps muscle. Its lesions can be classified in two groups, the tendon fractures, partial or total being acute and disabling and the tendinopathies which can be chronic and at the same time insertional or non insertional.
What is Osgood Schlatter's disease?
Osgood Schlatter's disease : Excessive stress and discruption at the patellar tendon attachment on the tibia , usually accompanied by a painful bump over the tibial tubercle...
Vertebral fracture - orthotic treatment
The fracture of a vertebra may occur as fracture of the vertebral body, fracture of the vertebral arch or of the apophisis. In the case of a fracture in the vertebral soma, this can occur by crushing, the vertical body collapses by bursting or by tear drop, presents fracture of the anterior or posterior edge of the vertebra,being its most common location in last dorsal or in the first lumbar vertebrae.
ACL knee ligament injury - braces and supports
The cruciate ligaments match to injury with a doubtful regeneration. As its function is the knee antero-posterior stabilization, it has to be established which stability has the knee, without which the joint structures deteriorate progressively.
Drop foot brace and more...
The drop foot is characterized by a deformity in which remains permanently in plantar flexion position, with limitation or functional inability to perform dorsal flexion.
Ankle sprain - symptoms and orthotic treatment
An ankle sprain is the result of medial or lateral joint displacement. This displacement usually occurs laterally due to an inversion and eversion movement, it can produce the lesion of one of more ligaments.
Cervical discal hernia
This is a protusion of the intervertebral disc which irritates the nerve roots.Certain neck positions can increase the neck pain, back or upper limbs...
Osteoporosis - symptoms and vertebral orthosis
Osteopororsis - A condition of the bone in wich a decrease of bone density occurs, making the concerned individual prone to fractures .Typically occurs in older women...
Neck sprain & pain - symptoms and orthotic treatment.
Neck trauma due to sudden hyperextension or hyperflexion movement,causing neck ligamentous injuries. Neck pain may radiate to the head or upper limbs. Read more...
Low back pain - orthotic treatment & symptoms

Lumbalgia (low back pain) commonly named lumbago, refers to pain in the lumbar area normally produced by a musculoskeletal syndrome, where disorders are appreciated in vertebrae, muscles, ligaments and nervous system. Read more...

Dorsalgia - back pain: symptoms & spinal braces
Any type of pain in the dorsal or thoracic area of the spine is named dorsalgia(back pain), including those affecting the joints with the ribs or chest area,since they are closely linked to each other.Read more...

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