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Heel Spur (Calcaneal)

A calcaneal ~ heel spur is a bone spur or calcification in the base of the calcaneus at the insertion of the plantar fascia which can cause complications, such as inflammation of the plantar fascia, resulting in plantar fasciitis. It is usually caused by excessive traction or stretching of the periosteum of the calcaneus by the plantar fascia. Flat or cavus feet and Achilles tendon contractures can also cause heel spurs as a result of increased plantar fascia tension.


Heel Spur~Symptoms

The primary symptom is pain, specifically located in the loading area of the heel. In very rare cases, redness, inflammation or other skin conditions are evident. It is common in people who play sport or those who are overweight, and the overload can cause tears in its posterior insertion and inflammation of the tissue surrounding the bone.


Heel Spur~Orthotic Treatment

Rest and reduced everyday physical activities and sport. Rehabilitation techniques help to reduce the inflammation and, together with plantar orthoses designed for such a purpose, such as heel cups and insoles made from various materials, have the objective of selectively unloading the spur and relaxing the plantar fascia to minimise tension and overload. Nighttime splints to keep the foot at rest at a 90° angle of flexion-extension are very useful for severe spurs associated with plantar fasciitis.

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