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elbow compression sleeve & elbow support braces

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Elbow braces and their benefits

Elbow pain caused by conditions such as tennis elbow can be unbearable at times - however, a well-chosen elbow orthosis can relieve these symptoms and help you to quickly recover. Continue reading to learn more about elbow braces and see if they’re the right solution for you.

We use our elbows all the time, such as during sports, when lifting, pulling or pushing objects, and each of these actions takes its toll on our elbows. A healthy elbow can be bent, straightened and rotated with ease, however, after sustaining an injury or after surgery, it is important for the joint to be immobilized. To help with this, consider investing in an elbow braces, which can be adjusted to securely immobilize the elbow.

Elbow orthoses for proper elbow support

Elbow injuries, such as tennis elbow, can cause severe pain, even due to the slightest wrong movement. In order to avoid elbow pain from occurring, consider investing in a reliable elbow orthosis from the medical store. They are used to limit flexion and the extension of the arm, in order to avoid causing pain and further injury. Elbow braces with the ROM (range of motion) angle adjustment are made of 100% aluminum, making them very lightweight.

An individual elbow brace can have a number of applications. Those available from our online store help to treat injuries, relieve pain, ease the joint and can be worn after surgery or if you’ve sustained a fracture. Special cushioning makes the brace comfortable to wear and reduces any swelling around the elbow joint.

When should you get an elbow orthosis?

All joint injuries require proper treatment and often long-term rehabilitation. Regardless of the injury, it is worth consulting with a specialist to see what kind of medical equipment will ensure you a quick recovery and alleviate any elbow pain. Our elbow orthoses are made of special materials that allow air to easily pass through and are lightweight and durable, which makes it comfortable to wear them on a daily basis.

Professional elbows braces are safe to wear after surgery or injuries, however, it is best to consult with a doctor before purchasing a brace. Our elbow braces help treat irritation, pain, swelling and even exudates. Pain in the elbow joint is relieved thanks to the brace’s targeted and controlled tension on affected forearm muscles. Stabilizing the joint also helps to prevent further injuries from occurring.

Professional, modern orthoses

Aside from immobilizing the arm and elbow joint, elbow orthoses also prevent bacterial buildup, thanks to their skin-friendly antibacterial fibers, which also help to reduce any unpleasant odors. These fibers also absorb moisture and remove it to the surface of the material, where it quickly evaporates. Aside from the special materials, our orthoses are also aesthetically appealing, which is especially important if the wearer intends on wearing the brace prophylactically for a long time. Elbow braces are also comfortable to wear under clothing, which is convenient if you don’t want to draw attention to yourself. A well-chosen brace won’t get in the way of your daily activities and will help you gradually recover from injuries and postoperative sutures.

Elbow braces for sports and everyday use

Overloading the forearm muscles can lead to the so-called golfer’s or tennis elbow. However, degenerative conditions affecting the tendons do not occur only in athletes - on the contrary - they most often affect people who are less active. Our store not only carries braces for athletes, but also for those who lead less active lifestyles. Thanks to targeted and controlled pressure on the muscles, an orthosis brings significant pain relief and a speedy recovery.