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Rodeo and equestrian supports & braces

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Braces & support for rodeo and equestrian

When it comes to more extreme sports, such as horseback riding or rodeos, there are over 50,000 injuries per year that result in emergency room visits. During these sports, the shoulders, wrists and back are all susceptible to injuries caused by long rides or even falling off. Protective gear in the form of horseback riding braces and supports can help prevent injuries by keeping your joints in the proper position. Unlike horseback riding, rodeos can cause even more injuries, caused by constant jolting during bull riding, steer wrestling and bareback riding, during which the rider's knees sustain a lot of pressure, causing ligament tears and other injuries. By wearing equestrian braces or supports, you help to stabilize your joints when riding. Our braces coaches are ready to help you choose the right braces and supports for you!