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Hinged knee braces for treating injuries and instabilities

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If you experience recurring injuries caused by a sports related accident, have difficulty with maintaining knee stability or require knee support after surgery, then consider getting a reliable knee brace. Ask your doctor if a hinged knee brace is right for you and continue reading to learn more.

Who are hinged knee braces for?

This type of knee support is used conservatively for treating minor injuries to knee ligaments, as well as any instabilities. It will wrap around your knee in order to provide safe compression, which is recommended for athletes in order to prevent recurring injuries, as well as traumatic and degenerative conditions that can strain cruciate ligaments.

In many cases, a hinged knee stabilizer may be recommended after surgery caused by injuries to the meniscus or patella. Hinged knee braces with built-in locking systems can immobilize the knee joint at an angle in order to relieve it after surgery. The hinged knee support also protects postoperative sutures against damage.

How do hinged knee braces work?

How this knee support functions depends primarily on the type of model you choose. In case of angle adjustable knee braces with side rails, they are worn in order to provide a gradual recovery by immobilizing the joint in a right angle. This is to relieve the knee and its ligaments. A hinged knee is worn temporarily, until the beginning of rehabilitation, as in the case of cruciate ligament surgery.

A well-chosen hinged knee that provides great support during sports-related activities, as it allows movement of the knee with safe intensity, which prevents further injuries. Thanks to its compressive properties, the hinged knee brace reduces pain from the cruciate ligament, and at the same time, side rails guarantee stabilization of the joint during various activities.

Choosing the right knee brace

Every hinged knee brace available in our store is a professional therapeutic product, and come in one size. They are made of materials that don’t irritate the skin. Those that are not equipped with rails can be worn when participating in sports-related activities. Each hinged knee guarantees comfort and prevents sweat from build up, thus reducing the risk of severe skin irritation.

Depending on your needs and condition, you can choose from a variety of different orthoses.
The Orliman knee brace with open kneecap is ideal for running and helps to prevent recurring injuries from occurring. The M.4® X-lock is a medical knee brace that provides good support if you’ve recently had surgery and need to protect sutures from being damaged.

A rigid hinged knee brace provides a maximum level of support to the knee and is often recommended to people who suffer from mild to moderate ligament injuries or instabilities, meniscus injuries, sprains or osteoarthritis. However, this type of brace doesn’t limit the wearer when it comes to performing day-to-day activities and even sports. If you suffer from severe ligament injuries or are involved in contact sports like football or basketball, it is important that you select a hinged knee brace. They provide great support and typically don't have a sleeve to wrap around the leg. Soft hinged knee braces provide good support and combine the support of hinges with that of a compressive knee sleeve.

These top-rated knee braces provide rapid pain relief and provide superb knee stability. The ligaments of the knee are the most common area of the body that experience pain and injuries, which include: Osteoarthritis, ACL tears, ligament injuries, soreness, pain and inflammation, which can interfere with your daily life. These knee braces with hinges help reduce pain and swelling, providing joint stability and supporting the affected area without limiting mobility.