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Hip Braces and Leg Support

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Hip braces - comfortable support for hip dislocation & congenital dysplasia or any hip injury treatment.

Hip joint antomy and function

Hip joint (articulatio coxae) is a spheroidal joint and can be moved three-dimensionally. The upper thigh bone - femur and the pelvis herein consitute the bony joint-duo.

The hip joint‘s three main directions of motion are: 

1 Flexing /extending, flexion – extension.

2 Spreading / tightening, abduction – adduction.

3 Rotating outside / inside, outer – inner rotation.

In order to provide frictionless motion at the contact surfaces of the hip joint, the joint parts of the femur head and the joint socket are covered with a very smooth and thick cartilage layer. The joint mucous membrane constantly produces joint fluid-synovia, which lubricates the joint, protects it from shocks as well as nourishes it at the same time.   

Total hip replacement recovery

Total hip replacement surgery (arthroplasty) is often followed by postoperative swelling of the surgical site and lymph drainage disorders. The latter can be demonstrable for up to few months after surgery. Furthermore the painful swelling hinders postoperative mobilization and can thus have a negative impact on the surgical outcome for several weeks.

Hip braces and supports

Despite its durability, the hip joint isn’t indestructible. Fractures in the hip area are very common among the elderly population. By controlling the hip rotation, hip braces can quickly improve quality of health. online store offers a large range of specialist hip braces and support for everyone.                                                            

Hip Injuries: