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Neck braces

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If you suffer from neck pain, sprains, discopathy, or are recovering from an operation, a well-chosen neck brace is a proper solution to getting you back on your feet. Read on to find out more about your options.

Neck braces and their applications

A neck brace is usually worn for specific situations, primarily by people who are suffering various injuries or may have suspected injuries to the cervical spine, including dislocations, sprains, neck pain and fractures.

A neck brace is often recommended when it is essential for a person to keep their neck immobile after surgery. They are also worn by people who have hernias of the cervical spine, otherwise known as discopathy.

What are the benefits of a cervical collar?

A well-fitted neck brace protects the cervical spine from any injuries, can help to relieve pain and ensures stabilization of the spine, which is vital for helping the patient to recover after serious injuries and cervical disk conditions. Cervical collars will also reduce tension certain points of the spine, such as the neck muscles, thus reducing pain and helping to speed up the recovery process of neck injuries.

Neck braces also help keep the wearer’s neck immobile, which is especially important after surgery of the cervical spine, allowing to heal the postoperative wound. For people who have to wear a cervical collar for an extended period of time, this option helps to facilitate swallowing and protects the neck from injuries when the patient is unconscious, such as during sleep. Moreover, professional medical collars are permeable to X-rays, MRI and CT scans, which makes it easy to track a patient's condition.

How should I choose a neck brace?

All available braces are made of durable materials, which are specially designed to adequately fit physiology of the human body. Since it is a professional medical product, neck braces are safe to use and comes with appropriate certificates confirming their quality. Remember to also choose the right neck brace as well.

In some cases, neck braces may be recommended for children, and it is important that you choose the right model. For children, the Thuasne Ortel C1 Junior cervical collar is the most often recommended and it is semi-stiffened and easy to put on. As for adults who have suffered from injuries, neck pain, sprains, dislocations or may have undergone an operation, a more advanced neck collar, such as the Ossur Miami J® is recommended.