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Elastic ankle support braces

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Elastic ankle braces and their benefits

An ankle brace is the ideal solution for treating fractures, sprains and torn tendons - and with an adjustable elastic ankle brace, you’ll be able to stay active. See for yourself if an elastic ankle brace is right for you.

Elastic ankle braces - who are they intended for?

These types of ankle braces are specially designed medical equipment, recommended for treating pathological conditions of the ankle, such as trauma, caused by accidents or during sports related activities. Some of the most common injuries include ankle fractures and sprains within the joint.

An adjustable elastic ankle brace may also be recommended for providing support after sustaining injuries to the tendons, which include both tears and complete breaks. An elastic ankle sleeve can be worn for treating the side effects of arthrosis, certain chronic conditions, inflammation and instability of the joint.

Additionally, this kind of ankle support can be worn by people who have damaged joint capsules, recurring injuries or inflammation caused by sports-related accidents and instability, due to past injuries or ankle surgery.

How does an elastic ankle wrap work?

Each elastic ankle brace guarantees strengthening of the area surrounding the ankle joint and protects it from being overloaded. The brace affects the physiological movement of the ankle, preventing any uncoordinated movements that could lead to further injuries and inflammation. The elastic ankle brace also immobilizes the joint from moving to the sides, while allowing for normal walking, allowing for a safe and complete recovery. It also works prophylactically, preventing common sports injuries such as sprains and fractures from occurring.

Additionally, the joint stabilizer significantly reduces pain, which positively affects the patient's well-being and comfort. You can expect to see no abnormalities in joint movement, Improved anastomotic functioning, which reduces any swelling, hematomas or other irregularities affecting the ankle joint. An adjustable ankle sleeve can also be used to massage and alleviate joint tension, with the help of built in cushions and pelottes.

How to choose the right ankle brace?

Each elastic ankle brace available in our store is a certified medical product, which means that it will properly fit the ankle and guarantees the therapeutic benefits described earlier. These products are made of certified materials that can be in constant contact with the Skin, without causing any irritation. The materials are pleasant to the touch and prevent sweat from building up around the joint. The materials also have antimicrobial properties, thus preventing irritation, abrasions and other painful ailments - all while helping the wearer to recover in comfort.

For a complete recovery and rehabilitative process, it is important that the elastic ankle braces are worn consistently throughout the recovery process and are the right size. Choosing the right ankle brace should be done by a medical specialist, who will determine which model will be the most effective for your condition. Also, make sure that the support isn’t too small or too large, and if it is for the correct foot - some models can be worn on either foot.

The elastic ankle brace should always be selected according to the individual’s needs. The Bort Select TaloStabil® plus ankle brace, for example, is a sports brace which comes with tightening straps and is a great solution for people who want to play sports or lead active lifestyles, but are at risk of re-injury. As for people who have recently had surgery or have sustained injuries recently, the foot and ankle brace Otto Bock 50S20 is highly recommended, which prevents further injury and non-physiological positioning of the foot during a sleep.