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Medical fitness and rehab equipment

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Physical therapy and rehab equipment - is it right for you?

If you’ve recently undergone surgery, suffer from limited joint mobility, swelling, or have uneven body weight distribution, physical therapy or rehab equipment might be the right solution for you. Continue reading and learn about active and passive physical therapy equipment, and which variant is right for you.

Rehabilitation equipment - who is it intended for?

Rehabilitation equipment is often used in helping to rehabilitate children and adults who have uneven body weight distribution to one side, impaired or restricted coordination when it comes to joint mobility. Rehab equipment is intended to strengthen muscles and tendons that are underused and weakened, which, if left untreated, could result in posture defects.

Just as the name suggests, rehabilitation equipment is recommended to be worn after certain surgeries or simply at home, in order to help rehabilitate the wearer. Additionally, rehabilitation and physical therapy equipment is recommended after a heart attack or stroke, as well as for children who suffer from malformations.

Rehab equipment also helps to improve the wearer’s comfort during sports and physical activities by reducing pain and tension. These devices can also aid people who are in a state of chronic stress, lead a sedentary lifestyle or constantly work in a seated position, which may cause swelling, limited joint mobility and pain. Whether you’re an active athlete, or prefer a sedentary lifestyle, physical therapy equipment can improve your way of life.

What are the benefits of physical therapy equipment?

Each rehabilitation device is designed to help the wearer to restore their full physical efficiency, by reducing pain, improving joint mobility and reducing uneven weight distribution on one side of the body. Additionally, rehab equipment greatly improves circulation, well-being, self-esteem and coordination, which is especially helpful for rehabilitative exercises.

Depending on the type of rehab equipment, it can be used either actively or passively. Active rehab equipment allows you to perform specific exercises that serve rehabilitative purposes. This usually applies to people who have consulted with a specialist on creating a rehabilitative workout routine. Passive rehab equipment often comes in the form of chair cushions, rehabilitation balls instead of chairs, and any other equipment that can be used when doing work. These devices are meant to reduce pain and help to rehabilitate you.

Choosing the right rehab equipment

Most rehabilitation equipment should be recommended by a specialist - this applies especially to people who are looking for such devices and have recently undergone surgery, experienced injuries, sudden deterioration in health, as well as those who regularly play sports or feel chronic and recurring pain. Only well-chosen physical therapy equipment equipment will allow for a proper and quick rehabilitation process.

Equipment for rehabilitation and physical therapy exercises is constructed of durable and skin-safe materials that are usually reusable and can be professionally cleaned and disinfected. This guarantees the product’s safety, which is important, especially for physical therapy devices, such as the Actiroll Rumble L Togu roller, for massaging. In some cases Physical therapy equipment, like the Togu large Pushball ABS 95 cm ball for developmental cases, should be chosen based on size, which is especially important when looking for such equipment for children, as it has to be adapted to their height and weight.