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Semi-rigid neck cervical collar

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Semi-rigid cervical collars for ensured neck stability

Whether you’re treating neck trauma, recovering from cervical spine surgery or looking to avoid neck injuries in the first place, a semi-rigid neck cervical collar should be on your list. Continue reading to learn about its uses, benefits and how to choose the right one for yourself.

Semi-rigid neck cervical collar - who is it for?

In most cervical spine injuries, it is vital that the person affected immediately immobilizes the damaged part of the body. A Florida semi-rigid collar would be an ideal solution in this kind of situation, as it is one of the most common semi-rigid collars for spine injuries that guarantees adequate protection for the affected areas. Cervical collars are often used for treating mechanical trauma to the spine and cervical, caused by accidents for example.

However, they may also be applied in other situations as well. The Florida semi-rigid orthopedic collar may also be worn by people who have recently undergone cervical spine surgery and are required to restrict neck movement. This type of neck collar is also beneficial for trauma patients and for those who suffer from cervical spine hernias, cervical discopathy, or spinal torticollis.

What are the benefits of a cervical collar?

Cervical collars fall under two categories - those that are meant to prevent future neck injuries and those that help treat them in trauma patients. They help by stiffening the spine at the area where the cervical bones are located and guarantee stiffness when adjusting it upwards and downwards, while the collar sits in between the sternum and the jaw.

In addition to these benefits, the Florida semi-rigid collar prevents the head from shifting sideways or sinking downwards, which can have a negative effect on post surgery sutures. Thanks to the circumference adjustment and soft cervical padding, the collar is always comfortable to wear and does not exert unnecessary tension that would cause swelling.

How to choose the right semi-rigid cervical collar?

When deciding on a Florida rigid collar, you should take into consideration the circumference as well as its height. Most models have a velcro fastener, allowing for the wearer to adjust the circumference of the cervical collar to the neck. It is worth noting, however, that there are also models intended for children, and they have significantly smaller circumferences.

The adjustable circumference option not only makes the collar better fit the neck, but does so without putting pressure on the larynx, as it has a unique, soft padded lining on the inside.
Despite having direct contact with the skin, these orthopedic collars are safe, comfortable and don’t cause moisture buildup, thanks to the high-quality and certified materials they’re made from.

When looking for a Florida semi-rigid orthopedic collar to serve you all throughout the rehabilitation period, choose a model that comes with a removable stiffening insert. By including this to your collar, it will become very stiff, making it ideal for the first stages of recovery. In time, you will be able to remove the insert, guaranteeing greater comfort when sleeping or for adjusting the stiffening the help with the rehabilitative process.