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Elbow bands & straps

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Elbow straps & bands for treating injuries

Damage to the elbows and their surrounding muscles and tendons can cause severe pain, also known as Golfer’s elbow and Tennis elbow. To help treat these injuries, elbow straps are made for the job.

Elbow straps - who are they for?

A golfer or a tennis elbow strap is a rehabilitative product often worn to help treat specific conditions, such as lateral epicondylitis injuries, as well as reduce pain in the elbow joint. An elbow strap is most often recommended for people who have lesions and inflamed soft tissues, tendinopathy and enthesopathy (fascia, tendons, ligaments) around the proximal surface of the forearm.

Tennis elbow braces are mainly worn when the patient has inflammation of the epicondyle from the humerus, as well as other sports-related injuries. An elbow strap may also be worn as a form of prevention against muscle deterioration or possible recurring injuries.

Due to its characteristics, the tennis elbow band is most often used by athletes, but may also be worn by people who have strenuous and physically-demanding professions. In such cases, it will work effectively both during the rehabilitation period and in the prevention of possible injuries.

How does the elbow band work?

The golfer and tennis elbow bands, also known as elbow braces, are stiffer, but at the same time more comfortable and versatile when providing orthopedic support in the area of the forearm. They're designed to allow a full range of movement, while at the same time providing stabilization for the joint and muscles, which speeds up the rehabilitation process.

The tennis elbow strap provides pressure on the muscles surrounding the elbow, which acts as a special friction massage. This way, you significantly reduce the tension caused by strained muscles and tendons, which in turn speeds up recovery, but also significantly reduces pain.

Aside from simply providing elbow support, the golfers elbow strap significantly improves lymph and blood flow and works as a form of thermotherapy, which positively affects general well-being, reduces swelling problems, and at the same time helps the patient to relax. It has everything the patient needs for treating tennis elbow.

How to choose a tennis elbow strap?

Elbow straps come in a universal size and can be worn on either the left or right arm. Keep in mind that by switching it between arms mean that you need to change the placement of the cushioning pad, which allows for additional pressure. Due to it being available in a universal size coming with width adjustments makes it easy to adjust the band to the forearm circumference, thanks to a special strap and durable fastening system.

Golfer's elbow bands are made of high-quality materials that don't irritate the skin an keep sweat out. Because of this, they can be worn during sports activities or at work. Each tennis elbow brace and band is a certified medical product and is therefore safe to use and provides therapeutic benefits.

Additional options, such as a massage system with removable pelottes will allow you to adjust the degree of tension during the treatment process. Changing out the inserts is relatively easy and so is keeping the bands clean.