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Skiing braces and supports

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Skiing braces for injury prevention

Skiing is often seen as a laid back and relaxing sport, but it also brings a fair share of injuries. It’s common for skiers to sustain knee injuries due to impact under high speeds, falling from great heights or twisting their legs, which can bend the knee joint past the leg’s natural range of motion. In this sport, knee sprains and torn ligaments are common. Read on to learn more about other common ski injuries.

Ankles and knees aren’t the only things skiers have to be worried about. Back injuries are also fairly common in this sport, and can be caused by falls or long hours of being hunched over. The back maintains the body’s balance when skiing as well as absorbs most of the force exerted from the skis and snow. This tension on the back can cause long-lasting aches and soreness. To combat these conditions, skiing braces are often recommended to athletes, as they help to protect the joints and also provide compression to keep your body moving naturally without overexerting it. Skiing braces are also recommended for athletes who have previously experienced injuries, such as a torn ACL. The added support not only gives confidence to skiers, but also helps prevent re-injury. Our bracing experts are ready to help you pick the right ski brace and support!

Skiing braces and supports

Jumping straight into the skiing season without taking the right precautions to prevent injuries can eventually lead to them. Some of the more common ones include knee sprains, fractured or sprained wrists, strained back, shoulder dislocations and many more. Oftentimes, skiers can prevent such injuries by simply wearing a brace or support when they’re out skiing. Braces add support to weakened or unstable ligaments and reinforce commonly injured parts of the body. Our bracing experts recommend these skier braces and supports.