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Surfing braces and supports

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Braces and supports for surfers

Just like kitesurfing, surfing is a water sport enjoyed by athletes worldwide, however, surfers often slam their bodies against waves and even their own boards, leading to knee injuries involving ligament and cartilage tears. Even professional surfers, like Garrett McNamara wear surfing knee braces to protect and support joints when out on the waves. Wearing surfing knee braces can also help surfers recover from previous injuries. Bear in mind that there’s always a risk of injury when out on the waves - your body can twist unexpectedly from the force of a wave, or you might even get hit by your board. Other injuries can result as well, such as repetitive stress injuries from crouching too long and straining the knees. Our brace coaches know exactly which brace to recommend for preventing and treating various surfing injuries - check them out today!