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Achilles tendon braces

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Achilles tendonitis braces and their uses

If you suffer from plantar fasciitis, have had a tendon rupture or have undergone tendon reconstruction surgery, you may want to consider an Achilles tendon support. Read on to learn all of the benefits of this product.

Who are Achilles tendon supports intended for?

Achilles tendonitis braces are medical devices that are recommended primarily for treating injuries of the Achilles tendon, such as tendon ruptures, as well as irritation and pain in the heels caused by plantar fasciitis.

In addition, the Achilles splint is also used as part of the rehabilitation process to protect the tendon and its surrounding areas after tendon reconstruction surgery.

Achilles tendon brace - how does it work?

This support ensures that the foot is in the right position, as this helps to relieve the tendon and regenerate it. Special tabs and pads on the ankle support simultaneously stimulate the calf muscles around the Achilles tendon, ensuring their correct operation and strengthening them during the recovery period. After the recovery period, sports orthoses should be worn to prevent additional injuries.

Stabilizers worn after surgery serve one more important function - they protect the operated area, thus reducing the risk of Achilles tendonitis during the postoperative period, which is a common complication.

If a well-fitted orthosis is worn during therapy, injuries to the Achilles tendon will recover faster, and any pain will be greatly reduced. Thanks to this, tissues surrounding the ankle will have a chance to regenerate, even during movement and at night, when movement is involuntary. Aside from pain relief, ankle braces help to reduce swelling that affects the joint and accelerates tissue regeneration.

How to choose the right Achilles tendon brace?

Each available Achilles tendon brace is designed to relieve the ankle and surrounding areas of pain caused by conditions such as Achilles tendonitis and plantar fasciitis. Depending on the selected model, the ankle brace must be compatible with the wearer’s foot size. Certain models have their own fitting systems, like tightening straps, which are a great help for perfectly fitting the brace onto the foot.

All ankle braces available from our store are used for treating inflammations affecting the Achilles tendon or more severe injuries. Achilles splints are made of certified materials that are comfortable to wear and provide pain relief for the lower limbs. The comfortable materials they are made of do not cause irritation to the skin, and instead, ensure a speedy recovery. Ankle braces may even be worn in footwear, as the material guarantees good air flow to the foot and keeps bacteria from building up on the affected areas.

An Achilles brace is chosen based on the condition it is meant to treat. When it comes to braces intended to be worn after treatments, as well as in the case of diseases caused by neurological damage, a night splint for the foot and joint would be recommended, such as the Aircast orthosis, which prevents uncoordinated movements and keeps the foot in the physiological position. Many Achilles tendon injuries are caused during sports and other physically-demanding activities. For such situations, the Achilles tendon Achillo-Hit Sporlastic brace is the right choice for treating a number of sports-related injuries.