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Biking and cycling braces

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Braces and supports for biking & cycling

Bikers and cyclists often experience IT band pain, patellofemoral pain syndrome, knee pain, achilles tendonitis, and pain in the lower back. If you regularly ride your bike, then it is vital that you maintain a good position, as sitting too low, having a poorly positioned saddle, or simply riding for prolonged periods of time can cause a number of injuries. To help you find the right brace for treating your injury, our brace experts recommend a product that is both light, provides stability, and doesn’t impede on pedaling. You can find our recommended braces and recovery products for cycling below.

How can a brace help me during cycling?

Cycling (also known as biking) is often recommended by doctors for people recovering from leg injuries, which aids in strengthening the joints without straining the muscles. However, cycling can still cause injuries, especially for those who give it their all when doing so. Knee and ankle injuries resulting from continuous movement are fairly common among cyclists, which can lead to IT Band Pain, patellofemoral pain syndrome, arch pain, plantar fasciitis, runner's knee and Achilles tendonitis. A bike knee brace and biking ankle brace will reduce or even get rid of the pain caused by these conditions by preventing muscle and tendon irritation. They also provide support in key areas of your legs in order to keep you going on the road. It's especially important that individuals who bike competitively wear braces in order to reduce tension on their joints. Our store also carries back braces for competitive cyclists to help minimize the pain from long hours of being bent over. Visit our store to find our selection of biking braces and supports, as well as other cycling products, which are ideal to help you to recover from and prevent any number of injuries.