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Supports and braces for swimmers

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Braces and support for swimming

Although swimming isn’t seen as a high-impact sport, there is still a risk of sustaining injuries when out in the water. Anything from repetitive stress injuries to the back, wrists, shoulders and even the legs can occur. Preventing such injuries requires not over exerting oneself, being fit and wearing a well-chosen swimming brace, which will alleviate pain and provide support with gentle compression in the right places, allowing your joints to function properly. Additionally, swim braces are comfortable to wear and don’t obstruct your swimming. Swimmer braces can also be used by divers, who put significant stress on the joints, tendons and ligaments of the body. The supports available from our store help to naturally stabilize the joints, keeping swimmers pain free, allowing them to swim longer. Check out our swimmer braces and ask our brace coaches for the right support for you!