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Voleyball braces and supports

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Volleyball braces and supports

It’s a sport that can be played almost anywhere and by anyone - from the beach to an indoor court, and by experienced athletes to people playing recreationally. But with every set, spike and bump, your body takes the impact. Our brace experts recommend braces for volleyball players in order to effectively protect the knees, ankles, and elbows. Whether you have an existing injury or are looking to prevent injuries, wearing a volleyball brace during a game will help to support your joints and ligaments and prevent injuries.

The benefits of volleyball braces and supports

Athletes of regularly wear volleyball supports and braces have improved stability in their joints and other areas of the body. The knees in particular absorb the majority of most impacts when you jump and dive, which could result in ligament tears and even dislocations if you land incorrectly. With a volleyball knee support, you significantly reduce the possibility of this from occurring. Volleyball players are also susceptible to ligament injuries, often caused by lateral movements - especially female players. These injuries are easily prevented with an ACL ligament brace.

Although the legs absorb most of the force when jumping, the wrists, elbows and especially thumbs are prone to injury. Thankfully, there are volleyball braces with elbow pads made specifically for protecting these parts of the body. Aside from braces and supports, athletes ought to consider utilising electronic muscle stimulators to activate the muscles before matches, as this reduces the possibility of muscle fatigue.