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Diabetic socks

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Minimal compression socks - maintaining good foot health for people with diabetes

Diabetic socks, also known as minimal compression socks, are designed to keep the feet dry and eliminate the possibility of skin irritation, fungal and bacterial growth. If you suffer from diabetic foot, then see for yourself how compression socks can help.

Diabetic socks - what are they and who are they intended for?

Diabetic, or compression socks are often recommended to people who suffer from diabetes. They are often worn by people who are being treated for diabetic foot, as well as by those who are looking to prevent this condition.

These socks are designed to provide pressure and keep feet dry, which is especially helpful for people who have frequent fungal infections on the feet. Diabetic socks are also recommended for people who have sensitive skin and often experience sweating and irritation caused by regular socks.

How do compression socks work?

The diabetic sock is made from special materials, which do not provide excess pressure on any part of the foot and skin and don’t affect blood flow. These socks cling to the foot, without causing any irritation and marks, typical of standard socks. Thanks to this, diabetic socks eliminate the possibility of irritation and fungal infections.

Additionally, all compression socks are certified medical equipment , which are composed of silver ions or chitosan, giving the socks antibacterial properties, while reducing the risk of foot fungus or other skin problems from occurring. Not to mention any foot odors caused by decomposing protein and ammonia are eliminated. These socks also improve blood flow, help reduce swelling of the fee, thus making them feel less heavy and tired.

What compression socks should you choose?

In order to maintain medical standards, all of the diabetic socks available from our store are designed and manufactured by reputable and proven manufacturers. They are made of fibers that help to regulate temperature around the foot, and help soothe any irritations. When choosing compression socks, you should pick a pair that fits the size of your foot.

Diabetic socks are recommended for people who are looking for the highest quality of comfort - one of our more popular models include the Relaxsan five-toe socks with X-Static thread for diabetics. This product guarantees maximum protection against irritation and the development of mycosis and bacterial growth in between the toes of the foot. The Belsana Soft compression socks are a standard product from our catalogue, which come in a number of elegant colors and several basic sizes. This model is ideal for people who do not require the highest quality foot protection.