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Hockey braces & supports

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Supports and braces for hockey players

Hockey is a contact sport which comes with a high risk of injury that is greater than many other sports. Injuries in this sport can occur from falls, collisions with other players or the rink itself. These injuries can tear ligaments and cause sprains, often leading to the player’s absence from the rink for several weeks or even an entire season. Stress injuries are also common in hockey, especially those affecting the back, which is due to long hours of practice or games while being crouched over. Goalies are most prone to knee pain from defending the goal by constantly having to bend their knees. Hockey braces can help to support and stabilize the legs to prevent impact and strain injuries. Aside from protecting players from a number of injuries, they also provide support for those who are recovering from previous injuries. Check out our hockey braces recommended by our brace coaches today!