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Compression knee sleeve & knee braces for sports

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Knee compression sleeves - are they right for you?

If you require reliable knee support, then consider investing in a knee compression sleeve, which can be worn to treat injuries and after operations. Our compression leaves guarantee a complete and comfortable recovery. Continue reading to find out more about this product.

Who are knee sleeves intended for?

Knee compression sleeves are medical products most often utilised after operations or in treating traumatic injuries. This kind of knee support is often used by athletes, who are more susceptible to knee injuries. Consulting with a doctor prior to purchasing a model is recommended, and most of these braces don’t entirely immobilize the knee joint. Additionally, they’re made of comfortable pads, which helps treat joint exudates, ligament, meniscus and patella injuries.

A knee compression brace is chosen based on the type of injury or the postoperative recovery stage. Some models are even recommended for treating joint inflammation or degenerative and rheumatological problems.

How do knee compression sleeves work?

A flexible knee compression keeps the joint in place and reduces swelling and pain, without causing abrasions in the affected areas, thus helping to improve mobility and expediting the recovery process of any conditions.

The knee compression sleeve also helps to support ligaments, which are often the cause of knee joint problems. This brace is designed to stabilize the joint, preventing any dislocations or further injuries. The knee is held in the right position without weakening the ligaments and surrounding muscles, which is especially important if you play sports and want to prevent any recurring injuries.

It is very important for the knee compression to be matched with your current recovery stage. With permission from your physician or physiotherapist, you can also replace your current knee brace with a more flexible model, which excludes rails and provides a better range of motion. Later-stage knee compressions protect against damage and prevent excess strain on the ligaments and joints as well as reduce swelling.

How to choose the right knee compression sleeve?

Each brace and joint stabilizer we offer is made of certified materials which are safe to use. They are constructed of stiffened foam or rails, covered with material that guarantees no sweat buildup and comfort during everyday use. Remember that choosing the right size knee compression sleeves and for the correct leg is essential for a proper recovery. It's best to consult with a specialist, who will help you to find the right model for your specific condition.

If you’re considering a sports compression sleeve, the Gen Sensa Otto Bock knee brace is perfect if you have an active lifestyle and are afraid of recurring injuries, despite having undergone treatment and rehabilitation. If you suffer from rheumatological or degenerative conditions of the knees, Stabilo Bort side rails would be beneficial for treatment. This type of knee compression is ideal for everyday use, reducing pain and risk of recurring injuries that prevent normal functioning.

Most knee compression sleeves are usually made with inner silicone straps, which are designed to prevent the brace from slipping off of the calves and knees while moving. Silicone pelottes are also commonly used in sports braces, in order to keep the kneecap in place.

We offer the best selection of compression knee sleeves, which are made of high quality materials and are designed by medical specialists and tested by athletes. Our knee compression sleeves allow you to stay active, even after sustaining injuries to the knees. There are a variety of knee supports to choose from, depending on the degree of protection required and materials they’re made of. Some models of elastic knee supports are even waterproof.

Sports knee compression brace

Athletes and people who have degenerative knee problems are the most susceptible to sustaining knee injuries. Meniscus and ACL ligaments are just some of the most commonly damaged ligaments, and both experienced and amateur sports enthusiasts injure them.
Therefore, it is important to provide adequate protection in the form of a reliable knee brace, which comes in either a flexible or more stiffened variant. And if you want to maintain an active lifestyle, then a knee compression sleeve will allow you to take part in sports, while keeping your knee in proper working order.

Athletes often utilize knee compression sleeves in order to prevent injuries during sports. As all athletes know, injuries to the knee and surrounding ligaments are not only painful, but require a long time to heal. As the saying goes, prevention is better than the cure - and a well-chosen knee sleeve will certainly help to prevent any injuries.