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Hallux valgus braces - uses and benefits

Hallux valgus, or better known as bunions can be painful and create swelling of the toe joints. In order to properly treat this condition, a well-chosen hallux valgus brace is recommended. Continue reading to learn about this and other conditions that can be treated with the help of this product.

Hallux valgus braces- who are they intended for?

The hallux valgus correction brace is recommended for people who have various conditions affecting the hallux - and this includes both patients who are dealing with the early and late stages of certain conditions. Some braces are even used instead of resorting to surgery, and are especially helpful in convalescence.

Additionally, the foot brace for bunions can also help in treating fractures and injuries to the big toe and other metatarsal bones. It can replace a traditional dressing and help restore the physiological position of the toes, which is recommended when treating hammer fingers. Also, these orthoses help reduce bunion pain, degenerative diseases, diabetic foot or circulation problems.

How do hallux valgus braces work?

If the patient has problems with their hallux, the orthosis can help to bring it into the right position. Even if the hallux valgus is surgically removed, the stabilizer is there to protect the operated, sensitive area against inflammation, while allowing the muscles to work properly once the hallux is in the correct position.

Orthoses for other toes work similarly to those for halluxes, guaranteeing safe and comfortable immobilization of the toes, which reduces pain, swelling and pressure on the nerves and muscles of the hallux, second toe or metatarsal bones.

How to choose a hallux stabilizer?

In order to properly treat conditions of the hallux, the correct brace must be chosen. Firstly, you need to find the correct brace, for either the left or right foot - this is important because of the physiological positioning of the toes and foot structure. The brace should also have an adjustable size, if the model is created in a version other than universal. A hallux orthosis, especially for crooked toes, should include tightening straps that can be adjusted individually or with the help of a specialist.

All products available in our store are intended for medical purposes, and each hallux valgus correction brace is made of only certified materials, which are safe for the wearer and at the same time help to effectively treat any conditions affecting the metatarsal bones, second toe or hallux. The materials our braces are made of are soft to the touch and include thermal insulation properties and are bactericidal. This makes the brace comfortable to wear throughout most of the day, and doesn’t cause irritation or increase the risk of skin diseases.

Which hallux brace you choose depends mainly on your needs. The BORT Valco® Hallux Valgus-Schiene hallux brace is suitable for wearing at night, which is useful especially after a recent surgery. Keeping your toes in the right anatomical position during sleep guarantees a quick recovery. If you’re looking to keep your toes in place in order to recover from fractures, or treat hammer fingers, the BORT PediSoft® TexLine orthosis is your best bet - and can be worn on up to three toes.