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Medical grade class 2 (30 - 40 mmHg) compression stockings

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Medical grade class 2 compression stockings and their uses

Being at the second highest compression level, medical grade class 2 (30 - 40 mmHg) compression stockings provide a high amount of pressure for treating advanced stages of varicose veins and other leg conditions. Check our catalogue and see what options we have available and if this compression level is right for you.


Medical grade class 2 stockings - who are they for?

First and foremost, medical grade class 2 (30 - 40 mmHg) compression stockings are a professional product that may be worn only as per recommendation of a medical physician or doctor. Compression level 2 stockings cause moderate intensity pressure surrounding the ankle, and because of this, these compression stockings are usually worn for treating more advanced cases of varicose veins, as well as swollen legs.


Compression stockings may also be used for treating minor sores of the lower extremities - of course after first consulting with a medical professional. These stockings are also recommended for people who have undergone surgery of inflamed superficial veins and sclerotherapy. Women’s thigh high compression stockings are also safe for pregnant women to wear, even if they’re suffering from advanced cases of inflamed veins.


The benefits of medical grade class 2 compression stockings

Thigh length compression stockings provide graduated compression on the lower limbs, thus reducing the diameter of the veins and help the venous valves return to proper functioning. Additionally, the 2nd degree compression stockings provide graduated compression that is strongest at the foot and gradually provides less pressure towards the thigh, which helps the blood flow more towards the heart and prevents deposits. Both the women’s and men’s thigh high compression stockings function in this matter.


The compression created by the medical grade class 2 (30 - 40 mmHg) stockings also helps to improve the circulation of fluids in the body, which protects the body from forming unsightly and painful open sores. These compression level stockings also improve the circulation of fluids in tissues, which helps to prevent swelling in the legs.


How to choose the right thigh length compression stockings?

All available 2nd degree compression stockings are made of special fibers that help treat various conditions of the lower extremities. They don’t irritate the skin and are comfortable to wear - and thigh high models, such as the open toe or closed toe, are ideal for any occasion, and may even be worn with elegant footwear. However, stockings with the second degree compression level should only be worn as advised by your doctor or physiotherapist.


Mediven comfort hold ups, for example, are a great substitute for traditional stockings, as they provide comfort while actively helping treat varicose veins and other conditions affecting the legs. This thigh high model has a closed toe, which makes it easy to wear with almost any footwear. Duomed's second-class compression stockings on the other hand, are a great choice if you’re looking for open toe thigh high stockings, which go well with more formal footwear. All of these models are available in several sizes - so make sure to choose the size and thigh length that fits you, as this may impact the treatment process. You can also choose from a number of different colors.