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Cervical Collars and Neck Braces and Head Support

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Cervical collars or neck & head braces help support and immobilize the neck and head after injury, neck strain, or whiplash.

Neck Braces and Head Support

Cervical collars, also known as neck braces, are used to immobilize the head and neck. Typically they are used in this situations:

To Relieve Pain – The cervical collar helps support the weight of the head while the tissues in the neck have a chance to recover.
After Neck Surgery – A cervical brace keeps the spinal bones aligned correctly while the neck heals.
After an Accident – If a patient injures his or her neck, a medical professional may use a neck collar brace to prevent any further injury.

When to use a Cervical Collar?

Cervical collars are commonly used for neck injuries, such as whiplash. Whiplash is a soft tissue injury to the neck, and is also known as a neck sprain. It’s often a result of car accidents where the head is thrown forward suddenly, straining the muscles in the neck. After serious car accidents, victims are often placed in a neck collar for precautionary measures. If you experience head or neck pain, check with your doctor to determine the source of your symptoms before using a cervical collar.

Cervical Neck Injuries