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Braces and supports for runners

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Braces and supports for runners

Runners’ joints are susceptible to a number of injuries, especially in the knees and ankles. To prevent them, most athletes wear knee or ankle braces and do strengthening exercises. We understand that runners can’t simply take extensive breaks from doing what they love, which is why our selection of ankle and knee braces provides support and helps to alleviate pain, allowing you to stay in the game for longer. If you’ve sustained an injury, it is essential that you speak with a physical therapist and ask which model is right for treating your condition.

Choosing the right runner’s brace

With every step we take while running, our legs absorb the shock, which can put a lot of stress on the knees, which leads to ligament and cartilage tears that can cause severe pain. Other common leg injuries runners experience are runner’s knee, patellar tendonitis, jumper’s knee, as well as ankle sprains. Runners who have ankle instability may also have difficulty maintaining balance when running, which is why an ankle brace will be a great benefit. Running braces provide extra support and compression to help in getting around maintaining healthy joints and preventing pain. For an even faster recovery, make sure to stretch and ice your legs after your run.