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Compression knee highs socks

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Compression knee high socks and their uses

Whether you’re suffering from varicose veins and edemas, or are looking to prevent such conditions, well-chosen knee high compression socks are what you’re looking for. However, there are a number of models to choose from - read on to learn more about finding the right pair for yourself.

Knee high compression socks - who are they for?

Compression socks are the ideal solution for both women and men when it comes to treating various conditions of the legs, such as varicose veins and spider veins. After a medical consultation with your specialist, compression knee highs may be recommended if you’re suffering from venous insufficiency as well as deep vein thrombosis, sores or inflamed veins.

In some cases, compression knee highs may be recommended for pregnant women who are in their second or third trimester and have recurrent varicose veins. Knee high socks also work well in treating severe swelling of the lower limbs.

These socks can also be used after treatments, in order to help with the recovery process, however, this mainly applies to people who have had varicose vein surgery or sclerotherapy.

How do compression socks work against varicose veins?

Knee high socks are a more attractive alternative to tights, and come in variants for both men and women. Depending on their compression level, they can help treat more serious conditions, or prevent them from ever occurring. Compression knee socks are made of high quality fibers that guarantee graduated pressure on tissues of the lower limbs, which decreases the further up the leg. This way, your legs help ineffective venous valves transport blood more efficiently, thus preventing stagnation.

Additionally, knee highs significantly prevent symptoms caused by various leg conditions and help to reduce edemas caused by poor circulation and other diseases, thus making legs look less swollen and feel less heavy at the end of the day.

What's more, profession compression socks have concealing properties, which mask small spider veins, varicose veins or postoperative scars, and in turn, help patients feel better about how they look. Also, knee high socks remove excess sweat from the skin, prevent bacteria from developing, which would have caused inflammation of the skin and possible ulcers.

Choosing the right compression knee highs

Since compression socks are professional medical products, they should only be worn after a consultation with your doctor. The specialist should decide which compression level is best suited for treating your condition and may help you in choosing the right size and model adapted to your gender, as choosing a poorly-fit product can negatively affect the recovery process.

Each product available in our store is made of strong, certified yarns, which guarantee adequate pressure on the tissues. In addition, our knee highs have antibacterial properties and come in a wide selection of colors and models - with either full or exposed toes, which can be worn in sports shoes or more elegant footwear.
For men, compression socks come in a number of models, including more elegant options in black, such as the Mediven for men 2nd grade varicose knee socks. As for women, there’s the Relaxsan Medicale Soft anti-varicose knee socks model, which is exceptionally pleasant on the skin and has the exposed toes option.