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Ankle braces and support

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Ankle supports and their benefits

Ankle sprains, tendon inflammation and ankle pain are common conditions that can easily be treated with a well-chosen ankle brace support. But how exactly do they function and what available options are there on the market?

Ankle supports - who are they for?

An ankle brace is an alternative to plaster casts that is often used for treating common injuries, such as ankle sprains, while providing joint stabilization and protection. It may also be worn to reduce tendon inflammation, heel irritation and to provide pain relief. A well-chosen ankle brace also provides protection after surgery and can play an important role in the therapeutic treatment of neurological diseases.

How do an ankle braces work?

As mentioned above, they are meant to stabilize the ankle joint and keep it in the correct position. This helps to relieve it of any tension and keeps tendons and muscles in working order, which significantly accelerates recovery from injuries (such as ankle sprains) or surgery. Additionally, an ankle support can provide pressure on a specific point of the ankle or foot, which provides pain relief and reduces swelling in that area..

There are some cases that require the ankle to remain completely stabilized, especially after certain surgeries. In such situations, the sutures need to remain intact until the wound has completely healed and the rehabilitative process can begin. During this process, stabilizing straps are put on the ankle by the orthopedist in order to immobilize the joint and to keep it in the right position until therapy begins.

What are the types of ankle braces?

Ankle stabilizers are professional medical equipment made of certified and high-quality materials, such as ballistic nylon. A well-chosen ankle brace will not cause excessive tension or irritation to the skin and is designed to expel moisture from the skin and provide pain relief, which improves the comfort of everyday use. Most models, such as the sports ankle stabilizer or the ASO ankle brace are also very easy to clean.

When deciding on an ankle brace, make sure to find one that comfortably fits your foot and is suited to treating your condition. In some cases, you may be required to wear it while you sleep in order to avoid accidentally moving it.

In this situation, a night splint would be recommended - such as a Aircast brace, which keeps the foot in the correct position all night. If you’re looking to avoid injuries during sports and other physical activities, then the AchilloStabil® Plus Sport Bort would be the right choice for you. It does not restrict movement and guarantees proper joint stability, which is important for all athletes and patients on the move.