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Post operative hip support braces

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Post operative hip braces - are they right for you?

Whether you’ve recently had hip replacement surgery or any operations around the hip for that matter, a well-chosen hip abduction brace can help you regain balance on your feet, keep the hip joint in place and relieve pain and swelling. Continue reading and see for yourself if this is the right solution for you.

Post operative hip braces and their uses

One of the most common hip conditions is hip degeneration, which can crack or break the bone if the sufferer falls on it. A hip abduction brace not only stabilizes the affected area, but also reduces pain and swelling. Additionally, these braces help to accelerate the recovery process, which is very beneficial, as recovering from hip-related injuries can take a long time. The most important function of the hip brace is immobilization of the affected area. Wearing an orthosis not only prevents recurring injuries, but also relieves muscles as well as ligaments.

When should you consider getting a hip brace?

Hip braces are primarily used for serious injuries and advanced degenerative conditions affecting the hip bones. However, these braces are most often recommended after surgery, such as labral repair or hip replacement. It is also used in helping the patient learn how to walk after surgery or how to walk with an endoprosthesis (mainly for the elderly patients). Hip braces also help keep the head of the femur in the hip joint, allowing the wearer to remain mobile, without the risk of dislocation - especially during hip abduction movements. Additionally, it is also used in the treatment of contractures. Hip braces are also available for children who suffer from conditions such as hip dysplasia. By quickly diagnosing the newborn and beginning the treatment process at an early stage allows for complete healing of this condition.

The hip brace comes in two variants - either a one-sided version (belt with extension for one limb) or double-sided (extension for both limbs). Your physician should be the one to decide which variant is best-suited for treating your condition. Many models are equipped with hinges, hip angle adjustments (leg straightening) and abduction features.

Postoperative hip braces provide optimal support and relief for the hip joint, thus facilitating the patient's recovery, and are recommended in situations such as reconstruction of the gluteus muscle, hip fractures, or after hip replacement.

Choose modern hip braces

A hip support should be selected by the physician in charge of treating the patient, since the rehabilitation process can take a long time. Modern braces are made of light and breathable materials, which continuously relieve the damaged area, as well as muscles and ligaments. Rails that hold the limb in the correct position are also light, and the mechanism of adjusting the hip flexion angle is simple to use and does not require additional tools.

If you experience pain in the hip area, speak with your doctor about undergoing a hip arthroscopy and immediately seek medical attention if you’re experiencing hematomas or visible bleeding in the area. Inability to move your legs are signs of a bone fracture. You are also at an increased risk of fractures if you suffer from osteoporosis.

Our store offers professional orthopedic orthoses that are comfortable for daily use and provide added protection to areas that have recently been operated on. We guarantee affordable prices, a wide range of products and professional advice. Happy shopping, and remember to speak with your physician before choosing the right model for yourself.