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Clavicle braces for treating collarbone injuries

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Injuries to the clavicle bone are not only painful, but also can directly impact your shoulder as well, causing pain in the joints. However, a shoulder brace, recommended by a medical specialist will not only help treat injuries such as collarbone fractures but may also improve posture.

Who is it for?

The collarbone stabilizer comes in two variants - one is for adults and the figure eight type rectifier is for children. These orthoses are used for treating collar bone fractures by working to secure the shoulder joints in the right position during treatment and rehabilitation. It ensures correct positioning of the collarbone relative to other elements of the musculoskeletal system.

Since the most common cases of fractured clavicles and other injuries occur in children, octal collarbone stabilizers are most often recommended by doctors to secure this part of the body. Additionally, a shoulder strap or clavicle brace provide much more mobility for children than a rigid plaster cast.

Aside from helping treat a broken collarbone and other injuries in the clavicular shoulder joint area, the shoulder joint stabilizer is also recommended for improving posture support. This applies especially to people who regularly experience pressure on the cervical spine and nerves, which causes pain and at times abnormal body posture that can lead to the deterioration of the patient's condition.

How do collarbone braces work?

Very simply in fact - they immobilize the collarbone and force the wearer into an erect, homeostatic position. By doing so, it facilitates the rehabilitative process, by allowing the patient to move freely without putting pressure on the collarbone. Additionally, aside from treating a broken collarbone or improving posture support, collarbone braces help patients recover more quickly after surgery as well.

By stabilizing the shoulder joint, the patient’s posture also begins improving, thus improving the effects of any physiotherapy treatment and guarantees relief for the shoulders, cervical vertebra as well the thoracic spine. A collarbone brace is especially recommended for children or adults who don't have enough physical therapy and exercise on a daily basis.

Choosing the right clavicle brace

When shopping for the right collarbone brace, choose a product that is medically certified and is made of high quality-materials. Professional-grade braces are pleasant to the touch, do not irritate the skin or cause abrasions and are easy to clean.

Before deciding on a collarbone brace, you should bear in mind that it has to perfectly match your body type. You can either choose one yourself or speak with a physiotherapist or orthopedist and have them help you pick the right one for you.