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Posture correction support

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Posture correctors for a stronger neck and spine

Slouching, drooping shoulder, lordosis and kyphosis are all conditions that affect the muscles surrounding the spine, which can have a negative impact on the sufferer's health and self esteem. In order to treat these conditions, a posture corrector belt is your best option. Continue reading and see if it's right for you.

Who are posture correctors for?

This type of back brace is recommended to both adults and children who suffer from bad posture as well as defects, such as a tendency to slouch and drooping shoulder. A posture corrector helps maintain proper posture and provides therapeutic aid when treating congenital spine abnormalities, such as lordosis and kyphosis.

Additionally, it can be worn even if there are injuries sustained to the collarbones and arms and serves to protect the back during the recovery process after surgery. Since this is a professional medical product, it is best to consult with a medical specialist prior to purchasing this type of brace.

What are the benefits of a posture corrector brace?

The traditional back brace forces the wearer’s spine into the correct position by pulling your arms and shoulders back, which helps to improve your posture, and the performance of muscles weakened by incorrect positioning.

The posture corrector belt also helps soothe back and neck pain, which result from spinal asymmetry and other conditions. Above all, these belts improve body posture, giving the wearer more confidence.

Whether it’s worn after surgery or as a result of collarbone injuries, a back brace forces the spine into the correct position, thus ensuring a proper recovery and greater comfort in everyday life. It is far more effective than a plaster dressing, especially when it comes to treating minor injuries of the shoulders, neck and spine. These belts also prevent slouching, which can cause a recurring injury.

How to choose the right orthopedic back brace?

The orthoses available in our store are designed in accordance with the usual standards for medical products. It is important for the brace to properly fit the wearer, in order to guarantee a quick recovery. When deciding on a model and how to properly put it on, a medical specialist can help.

Posture correctors are made of breathable material that guarantees proper positioning of the spine and helps treat spinal defects, without causing any back pain or irritation. The inner sidings of the brace are made of a soft material that prevents bruising and irritation, which is vital for everyday use. More advanced models remove built up moisture from the skin, thus maintaining a high level of hygiene and improving the well-being of the patient.

Depending on the wearer’s age and posture defects, posture correctors differ only slightly from one another. For children, there’s the BORT StabiloFix, which is recommended for more serious posture defects and is suitable for physical activity. As for adults who have a tendency to slouch or have malformations of the spine, a spine corrective medi Posture plus force shirt is recommended, and is available for both men and women. These products are easy to put on and help you treat various conditions of the spine - without pain or irritation.