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Upper arm shoulder braces

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Choosing the right upper arm and shoulder brace

Whether you’re experiencing upper arm or shoulder joint problems, a well-chosen shoulder brace support can significantly expedite the recovery process. Read on to learn more about the various models and their uses.


Shoulder brace support and its uses

An arm support brace is usually worn by people who experience shoulder joint problems. This type of upper arm support helps treat shoulder dislocations, bruising, as well as keeping a dislocated humerus in place.


Other types of braces can be used to provide relief after surgery - which is especially useful for people who have undergone arthroscopy. A shoulder brace support with abductional properties is also recommended in the case of frozen joint syndrome or damaged rotator cones.


People who suffer from paresis or neurological damage may also use an upper arm support sleeve, as this type of stabilizing device is especially recommended for people who are still recovering after a stroke, have had brachial plexus injuries and joint instability.


An upper arm brace can be worn by both adults and children, so, when choosing a brace, make sure it is the right size and model.


How does shoulder brace work?

Depending on its intended use and model, a shoulder brace may have various functions. A basic arm support brace is designed to keep the shoulder joint in its place and for the arm to function properly as well. Upper arm braces are meant to relieve the shoulder joint, while at the same time treating any instability or subluxations. When it comes to arm support braces being used after surgery, they immobilize the the arm and shoulder in a safe position that helps to accelerate the recovery process.


Additionally, shoulder stabilizers are designed to reduce pain. By keeping the shoulder joint in the right position, these braces reduce pressure buildup surrounding nerves that, if left unchecked, my cause chronic pain.


How to choose the upper arm brace?

A professional shoulder brace or shoulder joint stabilizer should always be chosen by an orthopedic doctor or physiotherapist after a consultation. Once you know which model is best-suited for treating your condition, you can choose one that fits your expectations in terms of functionality, color or other parameters.


Each shoulder joint stabilizer available from our catalogue is made of durable materials, which help to accelerate the recovery process. Some products, such as the shoulder brace for sports, are more flexible, whereas others are more stiffened or have advanced abduction features and keep the arm and shoulder joint from moving too much.

Upper arm joint braces are always comfortable to wear, do not cause pain, skin irritations and abrasions. Plus, it actively reduces sweat build up, ensuring you a comfortable recovery process.


Depending the condition you are looking to treat, we carry a number of upper arm braces that will expedite the recovery process, such as the Bort OmoBasic® upper limb sling, which is a flexible, open arm support that is primarily used for people who have experienced traumatic injuries affecting the shoulder and humerus. And when it comes to less-common situations, the Bledsoe ARC 2.0 is there for the job - often used for treating clients who are recovering after surgery, or from serious arm and shoulder injuries.