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Compression tights

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The benefits and uses on compression tights

Compression leggings are designed to help women reduce spider and varicose veins, as well as help treat deep venous insufficiency. Read on and see for yourself just how this product works.

Who are compression tights for?

Compression tights are primarily designed for women who are looking to reduce spider veins and varicose veins on their legs. Additionally, they may also be recommended by a doctor to be used for reducing edemas of the lower limbs, reducing phlebitis, as well as treating deep venous insufficiency (DVI).

Women’s compression tights are also recommended for treating varicose veins and swelling of the legs during the first and second trimesters of pregnancy, when these issues often occur. Tights may be worn after surgery to ensure proper recovery, and also prophylactically to prevent some of these conditions from recurring.

Compression leggings can be used for treating various types of edema, including venous insufficiency, as well as lymphatic and lipaemic, and may be used for reducing swelling after injuries, operations and so on.

What are the benefits of women’s compression tights?

These types of tights provide gradual pressure on tissues of the lower limbs. The most pressure being exerted at the ankles, and gradually decreasing the higher up the legs. This way, compression tights improve venous circulation of the lower limbs, preventing blood stagnation in the event of venous valve failure.

These tights are made of special fabrics that remove sweat from the skin, which minimizes the risk of bacterial growth. Unlike poorer-quality compressions tights, our tights guarantee no risk of inflammation and ulcers.

What's more, these tights are also comfortable to wear, as they’re specially sewn and provide gradual pressure, which is important in treating edemas. Thanks to this, they also reduce feelings of heaviness in the lower limbs. The materials used in compression leggings also help cover spider veins and scars.

How to choose the right compression tights?

Compressive tights are a professional-grade medical product, which is why it is important to wear them only after consulting with your medical specialist, as certain tests have to be made in order to determine the appropriate compression class for treating the patient's condition. Besides this, your doctor will have to measure your calf size and thigh circumference, in order to find out which size will be most suitable for you.

Our selection of tights come in a variety of colors and may have different thicknesses. A wide range of sizes and colors guarantees that the product will fit the needs of every woman.

All products are made of certified materials which ensure the wearer proper compression and comfort, regardless of external factors.

When choosing the right model for yourself, consider the Mediven 1st grade varicose tights, which can be worn on a daily basis and look great in more elegant attire or worn with less-formal clothes, such as skirts or dresses. For greater comfort on warm days, choose the Mediven Plus 1st grade anti-varicose tights, which are available in a number of compression levels and come with exposed toes.