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Basketball braces

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Basketball braces

Everyone knows that prevention is better than cure, especially in the case of sports-related injuries. When it comes to basketball, the best way to prevent injuries when you’re out on the court is by utilising a brace. With a brace of a sleeve, you provide support to body parts susceptible to any number of injuries. In this sport, the most common injuries tend to be ankle sprains, jumper’s knee, ACL tears, as well as those affecting the hands, including sprained wrists and jammed thumbs. Choose which body part you’d like to protect from injury to see which brace or sleeve can help.

Protect yourself when playing basketball

Basketball is a highly competitive sport that requires constant running, pivoting, jumping and a number of lateral movements, all of which put pressure on the joints. One of the most common injuries are ankle sprains, which occur by landing incorrectly when going for a rebound or by making quick pivots and quickly changing direction. When it comes to knee injuries, athletes are often affected by hyperextension of the knee and a torn ACL, which can be caused by falling on your leg. Sprained thumbs on the other hand can occur when a ball flies at you with a strong force and you happen to catch it incorrectly, transfering that force to your thumb. Your shoulders and wrists are also susceptible to injuries from falls. This kind of injury can have you sidelined for weeks to even months, depending on how severe the injury is. The best thing to do is to take steps in preventing injuries by providing extra support to injury-prone parts of the body with a brace or sleeve, which ensure that you stay in the game!