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SI joint belts - Sacroiliac support braces

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SI joint (Sacroiliac) belt - This back brace is designed especially to help relieve SI joint pain. It’s very comfortable and low profile so you can wear it under your clothing. Our Sacroiliac (SI) joint belt provides stability to the sacroiliac joint and the amount of support your receive can be easily adjusted.

Sacroiliac belts for treating conditions of the SI joints

Lower back pain caused by conditions affecting the sacroiliac joints can significantly impact the sufferer’s mobility and everyday life. Regular exercise and physical therapy might help, but only to an extent - the best, noninvasive treatment option may be in the form of a sacroiliac SI joint belt. Continue reading to learn more about their benefits!

What are sacroiliac (SI) joint belts?

Sacroiliac belts are medical devices used for treating sacroiliac joint pain, SI joint dysfunction and inflammation (sacroiliitis). This joint is located between the ilium and sacrum bones, which supports the entire weight of the spine and acts as a shock absorber. Ligaments of the SI joint are thick, which keep it in working order and prevent any destabilization from occurring. However, certain conditions such as pregnancy, abnormal positioning of the sacrum, uncontrolled movement of the joint or arthritis can lead to SI joint dysfunction or sacroiliitis. Sacroiliitis, or SI joint inflammation can be caused during intense sports or if you have other underlying conditions, like having one leg longer than the other. This in turn causes lower back pain and difficulty in walking properly.

To aid in treating these conditions and their symptoms, physical exercise is a must, in order to improve the functioning of the muscles and ligaments surrounding the joints. You may want to introduce stretching exercises, therapy and top it off with an si belt. Since diagnosing sacroiliac conditions can be difficult, it’s best to speak with your doctor and undergo a physical examination, in order to be certain that your back pain is caused by conditions affecting the SI joints.

How do si joint belts work?

SI belts are made of elastics or other stretchy materials, usually include Velcro straps for easier adjustment and are worn around the hips. It’s designed to keep the lower back and sacroiliac joint stabilized, improve posture, improve functional performance, provide support, take tension off of the joint and to prevent lower back pain. In other words, this device functions as a substitute for damaged ligaments of the SI joint which need to heal. Wearing a sacroiliac belt for extended periods of time doesn’t degrade muscles surrounding the si joint - instead, it alleviates it, giving it time to heal. It should be noted that not every joint dysfunction can be treated by these belts and back braces - prior to purchasing this product, it is essential that you speak with your doctor and ask if they recommend an si belt for your condition.

Besides the SI joint belts, a medical specialist might also recommend other forms of physical therapy, such as ultrasound, chiropractic treatments, as well as injections to ease the inflammation. If these treatments don’t provide any relief, you may be recommended nerve treatments in the form of freezing nerves from which the pain originates from and possible surgery.

What are the different types of sacroiliac belts?

Sacroiliac belts come in two main variants - the usual pelvic si belt and the posture pants option. Whichever you choose, note that all of these products all have the same function - to help relieve SI joint pain, align the pelvis, provide joint stability and support. With the help of Velcro straps and stretchy material, adjusting the sacroiliac belt is a piece of cake. Speak with your doctor and ask which option is right for you. Your doctor will take your measurements and recommend the appropriate size, along with an assigned regimen for when and how long you ought to wear it. During this time, it is not recommended that you perform any strenuous activities or take part in physically demanding sports, as this may impact the recovery process.


Frequently asked questions - FAQ


1. Who are si belts designed for?

These products are made for people who suffer from sacroiliitis, destabilization of the si joint and lower back pain caused by si joint dysfunction.

2. Do these belts weaken the muscles and ligaments surrounding the si joint?

No, in fact, they help to relieve the joint and its ligaments, allowing them to heal properly.

3. Are sacroiliac belts discrete?

Yes - although models may differ from one another when it comes to design, all belts can be worn under clothing.