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Foot orthoses - Foot brace and support

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Foot orthoses - models, benefits and uses

From reducing pain and improving gait, to preventing inflammation, plantar fasciitis, joint degeneration and fractures - foot supports & braces are ideal for treating and preventing various conditions of the feet. Continue reading to find out which foot orthosis is right for you.

What are foot braces used for?

All foot injuries and signs of weakness in the feet require appropriate treatment and rehabilitation. Regardless of whether these conditions are caused by mechanical trauma or nerve palsy, it is worth investing in medical equipment that will aid you during everyday activities and alleviate pain. However, only an ankle foot orthosis made of high-quality materials will last all throughout your recovery process. We offer a wide selection of foot braces and metatarsal supports - in fact, there are foot supports & braces for almost every foot condition.

Pain relief and comfort for your feet

The foot orthoses we offer help to alleviate pain, swelling, plantar fasciitis, inflammation and visible signs of joint degeneration, as well as a variety of metatarsal fractures. A foot brace stabilizes and limits uncontrollable movements, which reduces pain. Thanks to the non-slip and cushioned soles, foot supports & braces have protection against bumping and slipping and guarantee adequate safety when getting around.

Our orthopedic foot and ankle braces come in universal sizes that can be individually adjusted using velcro straps. Additionally, they’re made of easy-to-clean materials, which guarantees adequate hygiene and comfort during use. Professional-grade foot braces do not discolor and maintain their appearance even after prolonged wearing, and are suitable for day and night use.

A foot orthosis encourages natural movement of the feet, even if they have permanent damage. Our line of specially-designed foot orthoses for permanent conditions and muscle damage are made of lightweight carbon fiber, which relieves and stabilizes the joint, thus making the gait more natural, regardless of the person’s speed. It is worth getting familiar with various models of foot stabilizers that are suitable for treating your condition, in order to avoid picking one that might not be well-suited.

AFO foot braces for drop foot

An AFO orthosis (Ankle Foot Orthosis) is an important part in treating drop foot. This foot and ankle stabilizer keeps the foot in the correct position, which increases safety during walking, by forcing the foot upwords, which prevents the toes from dragging and making you lose your balance.

The foot brace for drop foot is usually a stiffened orthosis that covers the entire surface of the foot. In turn, the dynamic orthosis is designed in such a way as to enable you to naturally lift your foot while walking. We also have substrings for additional support.

Hallux braces and anti flatfoot insoles

Our store also carries orthoses for relieving degenerating joints, stabilizing the hallux, halting deformations from progressing and promoting better foot stability. Hallux valgus correctional braces with a rail and straps ensure a relaxed and perfect fit. These types of foot braces can be worn during the day and overnight.

Orthopedic insoles, on the other hand, are used in treating and preventing deformities. They improve comfort while you’re on your feet and help to improve your gait and prevent flatfoot. Additionally, they have stabilizing properties and absorb shock. Well-chosen insoles relieve pressure while you wear shoes, and certain models come with metatarsal pelottes, separators and silicone orthopedic correctors, which are often recommended for people who have flat feet. Patients with advanced-stage conditions may also want to look into gel covers for relieving foot pain.

We warmly encourage you to learn more about the latest trends in orthopedic footwear and familiarize yourself with our entire range of foot orthoses below.


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