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Hip protectors - prophylactic orthoses

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Hip protectors - who are they for and what are their benefits?

Hip protectors are not only for elderly people who are prone to having hip fractures, they’re also used by people to prevent scissors gait and to stabilize the pelvic joints, which is especially helpful for cerebral palsy sufferers.

What are hip protectors?

As the name implies, hip protectors are medical devices, usually in the form of soft hip pants, belts and straps, which work prophylactically in preventing injuries, as well as aiding in the support and treatment of hip-related conditions. These devices are most often recommended to elderly people, those who have undergone surgery, have a gait condition, instability of the hip, as well as those with underlying health conditions, such as cerebral palsy or hypotonia.

In the case of elderly people, hip protectors are often purchased in order to prevent a hip fracture from occurring. Thanks to shock absorbing foam pads found within the hip protector, the wearer significantly reduces the possibility of a serious injury after falling. These devices are often seen in nursing care facilities, and may be worn by patients at home as well.

If you’ve recently had surgery at the hip or in surrounding areas, a hip support brace can be worn to provide compression for preventing a postoperative edema and help you to stabilize the hip altogether. This type of hip protector is ideal for patients who have undergone hip operation in the form of endoprostheses, implantations or replacements.

Hip protectors are also commonly used by people who have gait disorders, cerebral palsy or hypotonia. In these cases, specially chosen hip protectors help to maintain the lower limbs in an abducted position, as is recommended for patients who suffer from gait disorders caused by cerebral palsy. Since hip protectors have a wide variety of applications, it is vital that you consult with a medical specialist when deciding on the right product for you.

How does a hip protector work?

When worn, a hip protector creates an additional, soft layer around the pelvis - which is especially beneficial for people prone to having hip fractures. Aside from working as a shock absorber, hip protectors in the form of a wrap can compress the hips and provide better stabilization of the head of the femur, thus preventing scissor gait, balance, as well as preventing neuromuscular afflictions. Depending on its intended use, each brace works differently. A shock absorbing belt is worn around the hips and is intended for people susceptible to hip fractures. A hip support brace is worn in order to add compression to the hips in order to reduce the risk of a postoperative edema from occurring. As for medical equipment in the form of straps, they are worn either on one or both legs, and go up to the torso - they are intended for people who have femoral deterioration, or require support in improving their gait.

What are the different types of hip protectors?

As mentioned above, there are a number of different varieties of hip protectors, all of which are designed for treating specific conditions. You can find a range of classic shock absorbing hip belts, stabilizing hip support braces and femoral deterioration straps in our online store catalogue. Prior to purchasing a desired product, it is essential that you speak with your doctor or physical therapist and ask if your condition can be treated with a hip protector.


FAQ - Frequently asked questions


1. How long should I wear a hip protector?

This depends on your condition and whether or not you’re looking to recover from surgery, prevent injury, or improve hip stability.

2. Can you sleep with hip protectors on?

In most cases, it is often recommended that you do so, especially if you’ve recently undergone surgery in the area surrounding the hip.

3. How much do hip protectors cost?

The prices vary, depending on the model you choose and it’s intended uses. Prices can range from around $30 to well over $300.