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Post-op shoulder braces

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Is a post operative shoulder brace right for you?

If you’ve undergone rotator cuff repair or any other surgeries of the shoulder, a post operative shoulder brace can help you fully recover. Continue reading and find out more about this product.

Post operative shoulder braces and their uses

A post operative shoulder brace provides abduction and stiffening of the shoulder in order to limit the range of motion, in the case of severe inflammation or damage to the rotator cuff. However, it is most often worn as a stabilizer after shoulder surgery, such as arthroscopy.

This shoulder brace is also commonly used for treating trauma, which includes all types of joint damage, like sprains and dislocations of the humerus. In some cases, a shoulder stabilizer can be used to substitute a plaster cast for treating fractures, by reducing range of motion.

A post operative shoulder support may even be used for treating other ailments, such as those affecting the collarbones. In this case, the brace’s immobilizers are used for treating fractures and injuries that have not been surgically treated. Additionally, they can be worn by people who have pain in the thoracic spine or suffer from advanced stages of kyphosis.

What are the benefits of a shoulder support brace?

As the name states, shoulder support braces are designed to stabilize the shoulder joint in the appropriate position, in order to ensure a proper recovery. Depending on the type of upper limb or shoulder injury, the joint stabilizer may be worn in a number of positions - however, all of them focus on the physiological positioning of the joint, necessary for a full recovery.

Shoulder braces reduce the wear’s range of motion, which promotes faster convalescence, in the case of cuff repair after shoulder injuries. These braces keep the shoulder joints in the right position, which can help treat post operative wounds, additionally improving lymph and blood flow to the upper limbs, preventing complications.

Thankfully, shoulder supports don’t entirely restrict the wear’s range of motion. Daily activities can still be performed, and even certain exercises, at least to some extent. A shoulder stabilizer that allows the wearer to practice certain exercises is ideal for helping to maintain muscles in working condition.

What's more, stabilizers help to reduce shoulder pain, promote faster recovery and reduce the risk of complications, such as edemas. Certain shoulder brace models come equipped with special massage pelottes, which improves the position of the shoulder joint, thus preventing injuries from recurring.

How to choose the right shoulder stabilizer?

Since shoulder braces are medical products, they should be recommended only by a doctor or physiotherapist. Once you know which model is best-suited for treating your condition, you can choose it from a number of reputable brands. No matter which brand you select, each product guarantees rotator cuff and shoulder support, as well as additional therapeutic benefits.

Each shoulder stabilizer we provide is made of certified materials, which guarantees comfort and proper rehabilitation. The fabrics used in the shoulder braces allow air to pass through and reduce moisture buildup, ensuring comfort when wearing them.

If you are only looking to relieve shoulder pain, the Medi shoulder protector would be a good choice. It can easily be taken off during physiotherapy, and is comfortable for everyday wear. As for shoulder braces intended to be worn after shoulder or cuff surgery, the Otto Bock Omo Immobil Rotation 50A11 abdomen brace is a highly recommended model.