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Medical grade class 1 (20 - 30 mmHg) compression stockings

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Medical grade class 1 compression stockings and their uses

Medical grade class 1 (20 - 30 mmHg) compression stockings provide graduated compression for treating early stages of varicose veins and other leg conditions. Check our catalogue and see what options we have available and if this compression level is right for you.


Who are medical grade class 1 stockings for?

Compression stockings in the medical grade class 1 (20 -30 mmHg) are primarily for people who are looking to prevent circulation problems in their lower limbs. Which compression level is best-suited for treating your condition should always be decided on by your physician or doctor.


These thigh high compression stockings can be worn if you suffer from the early stages of varicose veins during pregnancy and immediately after delivery. Stockings at the first compression level are highly effective for treating the first signs of varicose veins in women who are not experiencing swelling. For more advanced cases of varicose veins, a higher compression level stocking should be considered after consulting your physician or doctor.

All thigh high compression stockings - medical grade class 1 (20 - 30 mmHg) and higher - can substitute traditional products of this kind. Thanks to this, women’s thigh high compression stockings are primarily made for ladies who do not want to give up looking classy while treating their conditions.


How does this compression level stocking work?

Due to their design, class 1 thigh length compression stockings exert even pressure on the tissues of the lower extremities, which prevents the formation of deposits, that lead to venous insufficiency disease. They also improve circulation of the lymphatic system, which helps to prevent varicose veins. All of these benefits, along with their general aesthetic look of these thigh high compression stockings help to improve women’s self esteem.

Both the women’s and men’s thigh high compression stockings are slightly opaque and dull, in order to hide skin imperfections, like spider veins and varicose veins and tone the shape of the legs, thus improving their appearance.


Choose the right compression level stocking

No matter what thigh length, compression level and open toe or closed toe, all types of compression stockings are made of certified medical materials. They help to not only reduce the feeling of heavy legs, but also prevent the development of marks on the skin that might appear during pregnancy for example.

Thigh length compression stockings remove sweat from the skin and reduce bacterial growth and any unpleasant smells, making them extremely comfortable to wear. When choosing a pair, remember to pick the right size that fits you well and is the appropriate thigh length.

Mediven elegance hold-ups are a great choice for women who care about maintaining an elegant appearance at work or on special occasions. Duomed stockings

self-supporting CCL1 on the other hand, are stockings that are best-suited for women who need more coverage. Remember that the compression level should be chosen by your doctor or physician. All of the available stockings are medical-grade products, designed for treating various conditions of the lower limbs.