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Compression stockings thigh high

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Compression stockings and their uses

If you suffer from varicose veins, vein inflammation or sores on the lower extremities, well-chosen thigh length compression stockings are ideal for treating such conditions. Read on to learn more about their compression levels and see which would be best for you.


Compression stockings - who are they for?

Compression stockings are recommended by medical specialists for people who are in the early or advanced stages of venous insufficiency. They are also suitable for treating visible skin imperfections, such as spider veins, but also the early cases of varicose veins, serious inflammations and sores.


Additionally, thigh high compression stockings are recommended for treating varicose and inflamed veins during and after pregnancy, and may also be used by people who suffer from swollen legs and those who have had sclerotherapy treatments.


How do compression stockings work?

All professional-grade stockings are designed to apply pressure to the leg - how much pressure being applied is primarily determined by the compression level. Medical grade class 1 (20 -30 mmHg) is suitable for people with less-severe venous problems, whereas the medical grade class 3 (40 - 50 mmHg) compression stockings are usually recommended for more serious conditions.


Compression stockings are designed to exert more pressure around the ankle and less towards the highs. By doing so, thigh length stockings reverse the flow of blood circulation, which reduces venous valve failure in varicose veins and prevents blood accumulation and dilatation. At the same time, this therapeutic pressure guarantees the reduction of tissue fluid buildup, which improves your well-being while reducing the risk of an edema.


How do I choose the compression stockings?

All compression stockings are made of specially-designed materials, which guarantee graduated compression, depending on their compression level - however, this doesn’t mean that the men’s thigh high compression stockings are the same as the models for the ladies. Thigh high stockings provide the most pressure around the ankles, which gradually decreases the closer to the thighs. Compression stockings are a certified medical product, and therefore, it is recommended that you speak with your doctor and ask which compression level stocking choice is right for you. The women’s thigh high compression stockings may differ from the men’s version with a different thigh length, however, both come in the open toe or closed toe variants.


Only quality materials are used in creating each thigh high compression, which make them comfortable to wear, as they don’t cause irritation and moisture buildup on the skin. At the same time, they have an aesthetic look to them, and go well with a business outfit and can be worn everyday. If you are interested in thigh length compression tights, check out our model with an extra waist belt.


Relaxsan Medicale Soft anti-varicose stockings are a great solution if you are looking for an aesthetic and elegant product that isn’t too think. This model is available in several compression levels as well. Another popular model, the Mediven Elegance, differs in that it provides an ornate design - making it an ideal choice if you’re looking to feel attractive and feminine, all while treating your venous condition.