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hip dysplasia baby braces & abduction orthosis

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The benefits and uses of hip abduction braces

Hip dysplasia is a condition where the head of the femur is dislocated from the pelvis. Luckily, this condition can be treated in children with the help of a well-chosen hip joint brace. Continue reading to see just how this product works.

What are hip abduction braces used for?

These hip joint braces are used primarily in treating infants who are born with prominent hip dysplasia found during screening as well enlarged or unstable joints.

Older children, who are 6 months old or are already walking, use different orthoses for treating conditions such as cleft spine, neurological malformations and other developmental problems.

What does hip abduction support do?

Hip supports, such as the pavlik harness and other similar stabilizers provide the best possible conditions for proper development of hip joints during the early stages of a child’s development. These devices help treat developmental dysplasia by keeping the hip in place, which allows the joints to return to their proper place and functioning, without causing delays when the child begins to learn how to walk.

Both the Tubinger baby hip brace and the Frejka cushion allow for optimal hip development without causing pain. These devices help to loosen the joints in order to place them in the right position, without the need of additional procedures. In some cases, a baby hip brace can also be used for rehabilitation purposes after surgery.

How to choose the right hip abduction brace for children?

Since hip abduction braces are usually made for children, all of our products we offer are made of comfortable and safe materials, and any sharp or potentially harmful edges do not come in contact with the skin.

Parts of the brace that do come in contact with the skin are made of certified materials that are pleasant to the touch and don’t cause irritation and abrasions on the child’s delicate skin.

Each hip abduction brace should be adjusted to the child's months of age. Certain models are chosen based on the child’s size, while others have special belts and tightening straps, which can be easily adjusted to the child’s hips in order to properly treat their condition.

A hip support brace for very young children should be selected and put on for the first time by a specialist. In the case of treating partial hip dislocations in children up to two years old, Pavlik braces are often used - most commonly the Teufel hip dysplasia braces. For children who already walk and have malformations or spina bifida, Teufel braces are the most reliable option, which improves the child’s movement and ensures improved gait functionality.