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Medical grade class 3 (40 - 50 mmHg) compression stockings

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Medical grade class 3 compression stockings and their uses

Being at the hight compression level, medical grade class 3 (40 - 50 mmHg) compression stockings provide the highest amount of pressure for treating any stages of varicose veins and other leg conditions. Check our catalogue and see what options we have available and if this compression level is right for you.


Medical grade class 3 stockings - who are they for?

First and foremost, medical grade class 3 (40 - 50 mmHg) compression stockings are a professional product that may be worn only as per recommendation of a medical physician or doctor, as they’re stockings that provide the strongest compression level available on lower limbs. They may be worn not only for treating conditions affecting the legs, but for special occasions or on a daily basis, depending on the doctor’s recommendation.


Graduated compression stockings at this compression level are primarily recommended for inflamed surface veins and venous insufficiency, no matter at what stage. They help treat minor sores and even very advanced cases of swollen legs, and may even be used during pregnancy for treating recurrent varicose veins and swelling.


3rd degree compression stockings - how do they work?

Stockings at this compression level exert strong tension on the lower limbs, which is directed upwards, being strongest at the ankle and weakest at thigh length. By doing so, it reduces the diameter of the arteries and improves blood circulation, thus preventing any blockage or deposits from forming in the blood vessels of the lower extremities.


Medical grade class 3 (40 - 50 mmHg) compression stockings also guarantee comfort when worn, as the graduated compression helps to reduce any swelling. These compression stockings may also be used for treating phlebitis, as well as reduce heaviness of the legs. By wearing thigh high stockings, you’re metabolism is greatly improved - as is the drainage of lymph from tissues.


What's more, these types of thigh high stockings are usually opaque, which helps to mask imperfections and improve the shape of the legs. Also, they have hygienic and antibacterial properties, which helps to prevent the formation of ulcers and don’t cause overheat the legs.


Thigh high compression stocking models

All medical grade level 3 (40 - 50 mmHg) thigh length stockings offered in our catalogue are professional medical products which require a doctor’s consultation, as they may cause adverse effects and choosing the wrong compression level stockings can also inhibit the treatment process. Both the women’s and men’s thigh high compression stockings are made from materials that are comfortable to wear, prevent sweat buildup, and guarantee a comfortable treatment process..


Additionally, if you have an upcoming formal event and need to wear stockings, choose a comfortable closed toe thigh length model, such as the Medieven Forte, which ideally covers any imperfections while keeping the legs toned. As for people who need to wear thigh length compression stockings with just one leg being compressed, models such as the Medieven Plus waistband are recommended, as they stay in place. Whether you’re looking for open toe, closed toe or men’s thigh high compression stockings, you will find everything you need in our catalogue.