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Orthopedic insoles

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When it comes to correcting foot defects, foot pain, plantar fasciitis and flat feet, the recommended solution is investing in a well-chosen pair of orthotic insoles. But just how do they work and how do you choose the right pair? Continue reading to find out!

Who are orthopedic insoles for?

Orthopedic insoles are recommended to people who suffer from foot defects, such as flat feet and heel pain caused by plantar fasciitis. Arch support insoles can also help in reducing the pain caused by heel spurs, inflamed tendons and other injuries. Some models even help correct transverse flat feet.

Certain insoles, such as sports insoles provide added absorption to the heel and midfoot areas and are recommended for active people, as they guarantee comfort and safety during physical activities. Some insoles are even special for women who walk in high heels, which isn’t safe nor is it the correct position for the feet and the spine. In such cases, shoe inserts help to prevent against certain foot deformities.

What are the benefits of orthopedic insoles?

Orthopedic insoles are intended to help correct foot defects, especially for people who do not want to give up wearing their regular footwear on a daily basis. This way, people who have conditions such as flat feet, will be able to wear high heels or their everyday choice of footwear while effectively correcting their foot pain and conditions.

Additionally, orthopedic insoles reduce foot and heel pain thanks to their arch support, which helps to correct posture and feet positioning by relieving them of daily pressure. Additionally, some models come with special pin systems which provide tension relief and improve the comfort of walking, depending on where the wearer chooses to press on the insole.

Orthopedic shoe inserts also work well if you lead an active lifestyle and want to reduce your risk of injury. They help prevent injuries to the lower limbs and the joints by forcing the musculoskeletal system to remain in motion, as well as reduce unpleasant odors with the help of imbedded silver ions.

How to choose the right orthotic insoles?

Each type of orthopedic insole is designed for a specific purpose, and it is best to speak with a medical specialist or physiotherapist before choosing one from an orthotic insoles shop, especially if you have atypical defects. In most cases, however, you only need to choose the right size of orthotic insole and the model that is made for treating your specific condition, such as plantar fasciitis, foot pain or heel pain.

All orthopedic insoles are certified medical products made of high-grade materials that reduce the risk of joint and injuries to the lower limbs and help with foot arch support. Products, such as the Medi Footsupport Natural insoles are constructed using a top layer of natural leather, whereas other models have a silicone cover, which isn’t seen inside the shoes.