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Hernia belts

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Hernia belts - who are they for and how to choose the right one

Hernias cause great discomfort for sufferers, however, a professional belt or hernia truss can significantly improve one’s comfort and their recovery process. Read on and learn everything you need to know about treating hernias with the right medical equipment.

Who are hernia belts for?

Hernia belts are often recommended by medical specialists to people who have been diagnosed with inguinal, abdominal or umbilical hernias. A hernia belt and a hernia truss are proven methods in dealing with this condition - without the need of surgery in most cases.

A hernia support belt may also be worn for large hernias, which may not be operable for one reason or another, but can be dealt with. A hernia belt may also be used in protecting the groin after a groin hernia has been surgically removed. Additionally, the belt may also be worn on a regular basis, in order to prevent possible relapses.

How does the hernia belt work?

The hernia belt is constructed in a way to drain the hernia sack of built up liquids. With constant pressure being exerted on the area also prevents the hernia sac from re-emerging during daily activities. In some cases, a hernia belt, or more specifically the abdominal model, may also be used as an ostomy belt.

A belt or hernia truss is most often used in reducing the hernial sac when for some reason it cannot be done surgically.The hernia inguinal belt also helps to prevent inguinal hernias from recurring, and may be used after surgery. Each belt is designed to improve the wearer’s comfort and reduce pain in the affected areas.

How do you choose the right hernia belt?

Firstly, you need to figure out what type of hernia you are suffering from - your doctor or other medical specialist can identify this and will recommend the right belt for you, as they have different characteristics. Choosing the right belt model is crucial if you’re looking to fully recover. Always remember to speak with a specialist before making a purchase.

It’s highly important for the belt to be the right size for you - check the manufacturer's measurements or consult with a specialist to figure out which size best fits you. An abdominal hernia belt that is too tight on your abdominal muscles will affect the treatment process. Only a well-fitted hernia belt is the best option for proper recovery without any pain.

All of the hernia belts we have available are made of certified materials, making them safe and comfortable to wear when treating an inguinal groin hernia or any other hernias for that matter. Most models have adjustable elements that help the belt to sit more tightly on the wearer and keep moisture from accumulating on the skin, thus preventing irritation. The inner surface of the belts is made from a soft material that does not cause pressure on the tissues.Compression pads in your hernia belt are also easy to clean.

If you choose an inguinal hernia belt, be sure to pick a model for your sex as well, as they differ in design. So for the sake of your comfort, it is worth paying special attention to this, as choosing the right belt guarantees everyday comfort and a speedy recovery

If you suffer from bilateral inguinal hernias, a good choice may be the Bort Medical HerniaFix® Elastic Spring Truss - Double-Sided and it works well for drained hernias. For treating umbilical hernias, a better choice would be the Bort Umbilical hernia support belt, which is a very light abdominal hernia belt, with an additional tension pad.