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Dessault type brace - shoulder immobilizers

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Stabilize the shoulder with a Dessault brace

Whether you’re recovering from an injury or surgery, a well-chosen Dessault brace can significantly improve the recovery process. Learn all about this shoulder immobilizer and how it can improve your everyday comfort on the road to recovery.

Dessault braces - who are they for?

This type of shoulder brace is a professional rehabilitation product that is commonly used for continued therapy after a plaster cast has been removed or after surgery on the upper limbs. A well-chosen shoulder immobilizer will be far more comfortable for the wearer than a standard plaster or other stiff stabilizer. A shoulder brace also guarantees greater mobility and is hygenic, which is why it is often recommended in the later stages of rehabilitation after surgery and shoulder injuries.

The desault type shoulder brace is also applied when treating patients who have had a shoulder fracture, injury to the shoulder joint and may require rotator cuff repair. It may also be used to fix a shoulder dislocation and fractures to the humerus, scapula and collarbone.

Shoulder joint stabilizers help in both the treatment of degenerative conditions, as well as in the case of recurring acute or chronic pain, relieving the upper limbs and shoulder joint of tension, thereby reducing shoulder pain. In turn, a well chosen-brace helps to restore the natural, anatomically correct position of the arm.

How do Dessault braces work?

A Dessault brace goes around the chest, while supporting the shoulder and collarbone area, and at the same time keeping the right or left arm immobilized in the anatomically correct position. In this way, relief to the shoulder joint is maintained, while the humerus and elbow joint remain extended. What's important is that the brace usually comes with a shoulder pad, which lessens the stiffening of the shoulder strap and guarantees arm mobility.

Due to how its constructed and the material from which it is made, a shoulder brace should not only immobilize, but also provide stabilization in order to avoid shoulder rotation and movement of the elbow joints. The brace’s design also helps the patient to maintain correct posture and positioning of the entire arm, which helps to speed up the recovery process.

The Dessault arm and shoulder brace helps patients recover by reducing tension on the humerus and shoulder, which provides comfort and reduces shoulder pain. A lack of pressure on injured or sensitive areas means no more pain, which significantly improves your mood and promotes a shorter convalescence period.

How do I choose a shoulder brace?

Due to the use, all Dessault shoulder braces are made of non-stretchable materials that guarantee effective stability for the shoulder joint, even in the most extreme situations. What's more, this type of brace includes stabilizing shoulder straps and provides good airflow, which reduces discomfort and sweating, especially in high temperatures. Each orthosis is made of certified materials that provide support you can count on.

Due to the way the shoulder immobilizer is made, it is easy to adapt it to the patient's body. Despite this, it is important that you choose the right brace size for you. Make sure that it isn’t too loose or too tight around the circumference of your chest and waist. Speak with a healthcare professional if you have difficulty in choosing the right product for yourself. Only a well-chosen brace will ensure you the highest quality of comfort.

Puttin on the shoulder brace is easy and you can do it yourself, but take precaution. Comfortable velcro straps makes it easy for the patient to adjust it to best suit their needs. Additionally, the Dessault shoulder brace can provide shoulder immobilization for either the right or left arm.