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Which compression socks are best for running?

Why CEP?

Performance & Recovery Thanks to Compression

The fabric's precisely defined compression profile increases the flow of blood. Improved circulation means more oxygen for muscles and ultimately more energy for athletes. At the same time metabolic waste products (such as lactates) are carried away from the muscles, which accelerates recovery.

Fit & Comfort

No matter what the sport – CEP offers intelligent products specifically tailored to your discipline:
Padded zones in the right places and a comfortable,wide cuff provide the comfort that athletes need. CEP products perfectly hug the contours of your body thanks to their anatomical design.For you this means a perfect fit and less chafing.

Heat & Moisture Management

Intelligent sportswear must always adapt to both the climate and body.CEP is the only brand to offer products manufactured with its unique blend of materials.The fabric absorbs moisture and sweat,immediately wicking it away from the skin and evenely distributing it on the surface so that it can evaporate more quickly.Ventilation zones,the use of high – quality yarns such as merino wool and an antimicrobial design ensure excellent heat and moisture managment in this advanced material technology.

Safety & Injury Prevention.

This is one of the most important topics for every athlete, wich is why CEP sokcs are equipped with a fabric structure that stabilizes muscles and joints.CEP uses a special knitting technique to activate the basis tension of the muscles .The results: More control and improved stability. This helps prevent twists and sprains in fast – action situations or on uneven surfaces.


Run like a winner ~ Positive Efects


Before Sports:

  • muscle activation
  • reduced risk of injury


During Sports:

  • improved arterial blood flow
  • enhanced performance -for faster and easier running
  • stabilization of ligaments and tendons
  • reduced muscle vibration
  • fewer muscle pain


After Sports:

  • increased blood circulation
  • faster recovery


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