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Back pain and posture problems - help in time of healing.
Pain is warning signal from our body (to our consciousness) that something went wrong in it. Pain problem in our back is often such a discomfort that we can't function normally during the day. At night, it can stop with ease any of our efforts to sleep comfortably or to sleep at all. What can we do with it?
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When is a hip brace used? Why hip abduction brace?
Articulatio coxae is a spheroidal joint and can be moved three-dimensionally. The upper thigh bone - femur and the pelvis herein consitute the bony joint-duo.The hip joint‘s three main directions of motion are: Flexing - extending , abduction – adduction and rotating outside - inside.
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Ankle Braces & Foot Support
The feet are the basis of the human body. They are the mostly used body parts and have to carry the complete body weight when walking upright. They bear all strains during walking, running and jumping.
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